Virtual Coffee Date: The one with the video and parent brag

January 13, 2017 9:58 am Published by 3 Comments

Ready to meet up for a little coffee date?

If we were having coffee I’d get the blog business out of the way first. A series of unfortunate events (yes, that’s a children’s book reference) has made it necessary to extend the voting on our 2016 Scandie Awards. You know how real life has a way of well, getting in the way of blog life…well I don’t think I did enough to properly publicize the event so I’m extending the voting period this weekend so everyone will have plenty of time to get their vote on. Please only vote once and please feel free to share it with your friends – the more the merrier! Here’s the link to the latest post: 2016 Scandie Awards – go vote and let us know which books in 2016 flipped your switch!

If we were having coffee I’d do my little parenting brag for a bit. It’s a big weekend in the Scandal house. First up, BabyScandal is turning 15 on Monday. FIFTEEN!! Oh Neptune, my baby is all grown up. Just today she came downstairs and I swear, overnight she became a grown up. She’s recently started wearing a little make up and lordy, I don’t think Big Poppa is ready for that. Sometimes I catch him, sitting with his head in his hands. That makes me laugh because he gave me grief when Scandalito made that turn from kid to grown up and it freaked me out. HA! BabyScandal and Big Poppa are taking her best friends to a hockey game and then here for a sleepover this weekend. I’m pretty sure there will be spontaneous dance parties and rap battles – things like that always seem to happen at Casa de Scandal.

If we were having coffee I’d share the other cool parenting brag I have. Scandalito is a writer and a pretty good one at that, even if he still can’t seem to take constructive criticism. He’s working on it, I promise…BabyScandal and I criticize his work all the time! Any hoots, for a while now he’s been submitting his short stories and poems to various literary magazines and well, for a while now, he’s been getting one rejection after another. Until Christmas day. As of the magazine’s edition launch party tonight, which he will be attending – Scandalito will be a published poet! !!! How cool is that? My boy is published. Granted, it’s a small literary magazine I’m sure no one has heard of but still, after a year on nos – he got a yes…and it’s a damn good poem, I must say! He and his buddy are traveling to Connecticut tonight for the big shindig…and funny enough, it’s in a coffee shop. I love it when things work out like that! I’m very proud of my offspring right about now!

If we were having coffee I’d say, it feels odd to talk about my kids in the paragraphs leading up to the video I’m about to share! The folks over at Bawdy Bookworms sent me their winter box. Check out my unboxing in the video below…I’m certain, if you know me at all, you’ll get a giggle or two out of my reactions! Enjoy and follow the link in the sentence above to learn more – I think I was talking a little fast!

That was a lot of fun. Good news, the butt vibe can also be used as a regular vibe because I’m pretty damn sure there isn’t enough lube in that travel size to make anything butt related happen with me! This is the second BawdyBookworms box I’ve received and I have to say, I love it and I think it’s a great idea so check it out! Thanks Bawdy Bookworms for sharing this box with us.

If we were having coffee I’d ask why you have planned for the weekend? How is the weather by you? Have you contracted that horrible flu cootie that seems to be making the rounds? Watching anything fun? Did you see Carmela’s recap of Taboo? Nekkid Tom Hardy for the win my friends! Don’t forget our Theme Week event starts next week. We are trying to help you broaden your reading horizons and clear out your TBR list. Next week we will have extra reviews that cover HISTORICAL ROMANCE! I’m very excited to share these with you, the Nerds are doing a great job embracing my crazy ideas! Do you have a historical you’re reading next week? That’s all for me today, I’ve gotta jet out for birthday cake making supplies and a gift or two for BabyScandal. Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you get in at least one good laugh…and maybe an orgasm or two, those are always good!


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  • Ivana says:

    “It’s pink, so I guess it’s friendly?” That made me laugh into a coughing fit 🙂 and it’s funny to watch you unbox a sex toy box with my mom in the next room, a bit embarasing but I survived!

    Congrats to Scandalito on getting published! Every time counts, does not matter where!

    I have only resting planned for the weekend as I’m still kicking of this bronchitis but I’m on the mend at last yaaay! Inread Daisy and Marcus story so that makes me want to read more KA ( or re read more like it ). I’m not into paranormal or magic or shifters right now and I just need something normal… not really feeling like masturbating in my mother house 🙂 so Hot bunch or the Dream man? Hmm

    • Scandal says:

      oh Ivana – I’m glad you’re on the mend, you’ve been sick for a while. Bronchitis likes to linger, sadly. I’m sure your Mom is taking good care of you and I’m glad you weren’t too traumatized by my video with her in the house!! Enjoy your rest and I vote Dream Man because Brock always makes me feel better…always.

  • Kathy says:

    Happy Birthday BabyScandal! 15….I remember it well. Also, it may be time to change her name. I know she will always be your baby but….HUGE congratulations 🎉 to Scandalito. How exciting for all of you. I’m sure this is only the beginning for him. And you, Scandal; I ❤️ you. THANK YOU for the laugh. I think you missed your calling. Next time you go job hunting, I think you should look for something that allows you to be the Vanna White of sex toys!!!

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