Virtual Coffee Date: Happy 2018!

January 5, 2018 1:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Happy New Year friends! We had our first Facebook Live Virtual Coffee Date of the year this morning and it was a ton of fun! I was chattier than usual but it’s been a while and I had some catching up to do. Click the link below to watch the video:

VCD: Facebook Live – Jan 5, 2018!

One of the topics I discussed was my continued use of my journal to keeps my mind happy. As promised, here are the Post/Entry Prompts for January, you know, just in case you sit down to write and your mind goes blank!

January Journal Prompts

  1. Something someone told you about yourself that stuck
  2. Top 3 pet peeves
  3. Someone who inspires you
  4. 5 places you’d like to visit
  5. Something you struggle with
  6. Words of wisdom you try to live by
  7. Something you always “What if…”
  8. Something or someone you miss
  9. 30 random facts about yourself
  10. 3 Lessons you want your kids to learn
  11. Write a letter to someone
  12. Tell the story of the last vivid dream you had
  13. Think of a word, google it and write about the 11th image that pops up in the search
  14. Goals for last year vs. this year
  15. Favorite snow day memory

I hope you’re keeping up with your journaling. It has honestly helped me keep my focus. This is my first time journaling first thing in the morning, instead of bedtime. I’ve even had occasion to write more than one entry a day on those days when my brain feels especially cluttered and my focus is dwindling. Give it a try, or don’t…just do you!

Here’s a handy dandy table with the books I mentioned as currently reading as well as my book haul. I tossed in some reading journal ideas for fun! Let me know how you track your reading, are you strictly digital or do you write it down?

Currently Reading!
January 9, 2018
Out Now!
Mary Poppins-esque out Mar 27th
Pre-made Reading Journal
DIY Reading Journal

Don’t miss my Early 2018 Anxiously Awaiting Books post. Follow this link to see all of the goodies, 2018 is shaping up to be a mighty fine reading year. What has you most excited?

We also discussed starting up a new Scandalicious Secret Vault Book Club group. I’m thinking we will hold discussions every 6 weeks and I can even host a Live event in the Vault. If you’re not in the Vault, follow this link and we will get you sorted!

Finally, don’t sleep on the TBR Reading Challenge. We are up to Round 12 and the magic list number is #9 – that’s Natural Law by Joey W. Hill for me. Are you participating in this challenge? Get to reading and let me know how your book turns out. My goal is to post about this round next Friday. As I mentioned in the Live event, once we complete the TBR Challenge, we are going to kick off a fun reading challenge from the mind of author Shannon Richard – it’s going to be so much fun, I hope you’ll join us!

We are recording our first podcast of the new year tonight, make sure you check back next week for that! I hope everyone has a fabulously scandalicious 2018! I’ll see you around the interwebs!


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