TV Recap: Taboo S1E8

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This show ends with a bang, literally. And on a riotous note.

It opens with Zilpha jumping off a bridge, into the depths of the Thames. Next is the scene we were left hanging last episode, the James-Sir Stuart confrontation. It was a pretty sedated meeting except for the threat that James laid out to Sir Stuart of what he and Godfrey are prepared to tell the Royal commission about Sir Stuart’s role in the illegal transport of slaves from Africa. It appeared that the flag the Corn Wallace was sailing with was changed to that of an American flag, exposing Sir Stuart to charges of treason. James demanded a ship be delivered to him in exchange for his and Godfrey ‘s silence.

Then began a flurry of events that made my head spin. Robert was seen delivering the letters he unlocked from James’ safe. He delivered letters to Brace, Lorna, Dr. C and Atticus with instructions. Sir Stuart ordered two of his EIC execs to do things for him based on his deal with James. One of the execs got Helga and her girl out of the safe house and bundled them in a carriage. They were stopped by Atticus and his men at gunpoint and ordered the two women out of the carriage. The exec said he’s delivering them to Atticus based on his “master’s” instructions, i.e., a staged kidnapping. Atticus cold-bloodedly shot the exec on the head, then left with the women and his men in the EIC carriage. They then met Lorna and Winter’s little friend. They told Helga and the girl to get in their carriage. Lorna, with the boy’s help, told Helga it’s not James who murdered Winter but one of the EIC men.

James poisoned himself to buy time before he can be forced to testify before Solomon Coop and the King’s jury. He asked for a doctor, which Coop provided him as they needed him alive. Meanwhile, Lorna, upon James’ instructions, went to Countess Musgrove to blackmail the latter in issuing a letter of safe passage and codes for the flags. She forced the countess’ hand by threatening her exposure to the Crown as spy for the Americans via James’ letter to Coop on the ready.

James, after hearing Robert’s signal from outside the Tower, told his doctor he’s ready to face Coop for his testimony. Here comes the part that I don’t get: when they started interrogating him on names of spies from the society, he started talking in some sort of dialect and told Coop and company the treason charges has to be dropped as the witnesses would vanish and testimonies would burn, because “all the ravens told” him. He was released and went home. He found Zilpha’s letter telling him of her suicide. Lorna found him in a state over Zilpha’s death. She basically told him to keep it together as a lot of people have left their lives to sail away with him. He told her he has one last business to attend to before they could go together to the docks. He went to Dumbarton and the latter, thinking that James is there for his letter of safe passage, showed him a Deed of Transfer of Nootka in favour of the EIC. James told him he knew of his spying for the EIC as well as pretending to be a loyal citizen/spy of America. He then smashed Dumbarton’s head, drown him and hanged him dead among the cloths he’s dyeing. At his office, Sir Stuart found a document, in a leather case with a note stating it from Dr. Dumbarton, waiting on his desk. He was happy to see it and when he opened it, it exploded.

Chichester got a letter from James telling him of the location of his and Godfrey’s confessions. It was at his bedroom attic, on top of his desk, where Chichester found them. The last scenes of this final episode are deadly bloody with the Royal soldiers’ siege of the docks to stop James and gang. Dr. C had planted some serious explosives for the occasion but there were a large number of soldiers that had put James’ efforts to leave to the test.  Helga got shot and killed, Lorna wounded and Dr. C suffered burns when a shot hit a bowl of gunpowder that’s beside him. They all eventually were able to board the ship and sailed away. Atticus asked James if they’re heading to America and James answered they are heading somewhere else to see a certain Collonade (?). And the last scene was of the ship sailing away to their destination.

This has been one enjoyable, bonkers of a series that I know I would still be watching until the very last episode even if I were not doing a weekly recap for the blog. Of course, my initial interest was to watch the gorgeous Tom Hardy (and hopefully, a glimpse of his naked front and ass). As I go along the series, however, it has been an absolute joy to see some of my favourite British actors playing the  more memorable characters, and playing it to perfection, with the likes of Stephen Graham as Atticus and Tom Hollander as Dr. Cholmondeley. Talks of another two seasons have been circulating in social media lately. Whether these plans will come into fruition remains to be seen. But I will be waiting. And watching.



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  • Joanne Medsker says:

    I enjoyed this show. I hope they do a Season 2. I feel that Collonade may have something to do with Africa, maybe going back to get more diamonds. Or maybe something to do with the Slave trade/Corn Wallace.

  • Joanne Medsker says:

    Shit ! A cliffhanger!

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