TBR Lottery Challenge: Second Pick = Book #2

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It’s TBR Lottery Challenge time. Last week we read the #2 book on our list and here are some of the things people had to say about their books. Since my name is on the blog, I’ll go first:

shannon mckennaFatal Strike (McCloud #10) by Shannon McKenna

I freaking love this series by McKenna. It’s paranormal in the sense that many of the characters have some sort of enhanced psi/mental altered abilities. Book 10 is Miles Davenport’s book and whoooo weeee mama he’s come a long way baby! Miles was this scrawny, geeky dude the McCloud brothers took under their protective wings. He’s a computer wiz and that’s probably a huge understatement. We’ve watched Miles’ turn into a vital member of the McCloud team and I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been rooting for Miles to find love. Let’s face it, it’s hard out there for a skinny geek. Miles is now a tall drink of buff water and at the end of book 9 some pretty terrible shit happened to him. Now his body isn’t the only thing that’s gone through a change, his mind is a super-psi enhanced work of art.

Lara Kirk is the woman he tried to save and lost, or so he thought. She’s been dancing through his dreams so much he is pretty sure he’s having a mental breakdown. And the things they do – dude…Miles can lay the mother fucking pipe. He is completely uninhibited in his dreams and he does not hold back on the mysterious Lara. Lordy. Imagine his surprise when he realizes the Lara of his dreams is alive and contacting him through his dreams. She’s the only one that can get through his mental shields and she seeks him out to keep her safe…and let’s face it, the screaming orgasms aren’t unappreciated either. It’s revealed that Miles has a peen that’s proportional to the big honking nose we’ve heard so much about over the series. I’m telling you, the kid grew up nicely!

In standard McKenna form, the villain is truly horrible. No redeemable qualities for this fucker and what he wants to do to Lara is just cruel and gross. Only Miles can save the day. That’s the part that is especially disconcerting about this book. We’ve grown to love all of the heroes of books past but in this one, the bad guy brings them low. They can’t beat him, in fact, he almost kills one of our favorites and the families and children…CHILDREN of our cast are in danger. I’m telling you, McKenna goes there, she is not afraid of pissing you off. It was hard to read the people we’ve followed all these years, in such a terribly vulnerable place but that feeling definitely amps up the romantic suspense portion of this book. At times, the suspense is nothing short of a roller coaster ride from hell – completely exhausting! Luckily, it’s liberally sprinkled with some crazy fuck hot sex between Miles and Lara. Watching Miles and Lara grow as a couple was nice but getting to see Miles come to grips with his new enhanced abilities both broke my heart and put it back together. I’ve got one more book to go in this series. I’ve already read the spin off’s first book so I need to get to Sam’s book tout suite. 4 stars


cp smithTania read…Property Of by C.P. Smith

With another fantastic read, I am two for two in the TBR Lottery Challenge.  Fans of romantic suspense and those that appreciate a Kristen Ashley type of hero will enjoy this book.  There are plenty of support characters that round out the story perfectly and a psychotic serial killer that gets a little too close for comfort.  Known for her Scottish Highlanders, Nicola is a successful romance author who always puts herself in the position of the heroine and this element provides some humor when she uses it to recount the many ways she is always embarrassing herself.  Dallas is a Harley riding, overworked detective who is very clear on his intentions when he lays claim to Nicola.  Possessive and overprotective the majority of the time, Dallas knows he has found something sweet in Nicola and mixed in with his whole alpha-you-are-mine attitude, he has the ability to convey to her how important she is to him.  The story is written from Nicola, Dallas and the serial killer’s POV and with the involvement of a large number of supporting characters, there is never a dull moment.  I enjoyed this story so much, I’m still suffering from a book hangover a week later.


Carmela read…Crow by A. Zavanelli

It is intense with a kick ass heroine and an Irish mobster hero. As expected from a Mafia romance, this is not hearts and flowers, scenes of violence, murders committed by the hero for the heroine and a girl(not the heroine) being assaulted. Just be prepared for all these. It’s a 4 star read for me.


Allyson read…Dark Horse by Michelle Diener

Set your damned phasers to stun and read this! I’m crazy for it!

OK so we have a human abducted by some horrible aliens but not really by them…more like the sentient thinking machine/computer who was also captured as it were and who wanted company. Our fair heroine ends up befriended by this AI child. They stage a breakout and the AI makes sure it all comes together and that the heroine will end up with a species compatible with humans. But dude…there is so much more at play. And we are talking a full cast of character and intrigue that you cannot even imagine.

Anyway, said intrigued happens with human and machine at the center of it and said human connects with alien man who very much looks like a human. Cue the romance.

The romance is wonderfully done and creates those little butterflies in your tummy when you think there is no way a happy ending is even possible.

I loved the descriptions, the dialogue, the adventure, the people / not people. EVERYTHING, people. EVERYTHING.


Rita read…Shifter Planet by DB Reynolds

This is different than her VIA series. This is more sci-fi. Think Star Trek meets Avatar. Amanda is a really strong, confident women who arrives on the planet and discovers she can hear the trees signing. Which only the shifters on the planet can hear. Rhodry is a shifter who she is attracted to but he doesn’t like newcomers and is keeping a secret. I wish there had been more romance. It was secondary to Amanda trying to become a member of the Shifter Guild which no non-shifter has ever attempted. It is a survival test out in the forest, which is filled with all kinds of dangerous animals. This book is filled with a lot of descriptive things happening and the action is good. There is not a lot of dialogue in the beginning and our H and h don’t really communicate with each other at first. And it was 70% in before the romance went anywhere. Sometimes the first of series can take a lot of world building and leave you a little bit wanting more. I am curious to see where this series goes.



Helen read…UNEXPECTED OASIS by CD Hussey

Let’s start with what I liked about this book. Trey, the hero, was excellent. We would all want a Trey in our life. The setting was unusual – Andrea asked to be transferred to Afghanistan – interesting to see what life was like on a compound. What I didn’t like was the heroine, Andrea. She was wishy-washy and whiny. I love this challenge (I bought the book in August 2015). It’s really helping me dig into my TBR, but I wouldn’t recommend this book.


Angela read…Must Love Kilts by Angela Quarles

I read book 2 and enjoyed it immensely so I was very excited to jump right in with book 3. Sadly, I was disappointed. The heroine Traci is annoying to me, she does what I consider to be stupid things and her constant self-deprecating thoughts were just too much for me. That said, I love the setting and the historical time period. The story was woven to about 75 years before the Culloden Jacobite rising and this showed some of the finesse and politics that were involved in many year in the lead up to the big event. The idea of the castle that Robert’s clan inhabits being on three connected islands was awesome and I wondered if it really existed.
Our hero Robert was also self-deprecating and not as confident and alpha as I need a historical hero to be. He was sweet and loving while still being a highland warrior but just had a lack of confidence that at times was hard to read. For me confidence is king, I have a really hard time reading characters that lack it. I also had a hard time with Traci who had only ridden a horse once in her life acquired a horse and side saddle and then takes them both back in time with her and then can ride just fine side saddle. That just was beyond my level of acceptance. Yes I can accept time travel but being able to ride side saddle just naturally, no.
In the end I went with three stars. It was good but there were some things that were character flaws for me that may be enduring to others. There is a forth book in the works that would have Traci’s sister and Roberts cousin together. I would certainly give it a try.


Sara read…Below Deck by Tara Sivec

I am a huge fan of this author and have enjoyed all of her books. Unfortunately, Below Deck was a let down. It would make a fine light-hearted beach read, but it lacked the humor of her Chocolate Lovers books, nor did it have the depth and complexity found in Watch Over Me and Fisher’s Light. Basically, ship’s deckhand gets the hots for a girl he assumes is a rich, spoiled princess who likes to spend Daddy’s money. The hero is pretty much an asshole, continues to make the same mistakes, and never puts forth the effort of a true grovel. I couldn’t get past what a jerk he was. I am glad that I read it, but it won’t be a reread.


Laura read…Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

Quick note: all three books in this series are on KU right now so if you’re new to Shelly Laurenston, like me, you can get an introduction to her by borrowing rather than purchasing.  It was really nice to get back to my happy place with a shifter/PNR book. I liked the banter between the characters, especially the hero and heroine. Sara and her besties are tough and sharp-tongued and kept me chuckling. The author introduced the expansive universe her shifter series occupy but didn’t do a ton of world building. It was a pretty light, quick read. Two words for you: bunny..shifter.





There you go friends! We are making progress on the dreaded TBR mountains! And now it’s time to announce our next random number. Do you have your list ready? Random.org gave me lucky number 13! That means I’m reading, Dark Alpha’s Claim by Donna Grant. What about you? What are you reading? Let me know. If you’re not in the Scandalicious Secret Vault on FB we have a new group on GoodReads called…wait for it…Scandalicious Reader Vault. You can give us updates on your reading status and maybe I’ll grab your final thoughts and include them on the next TBR Challenge post. If you’re not on social media and you’d still like to participate, just drop me an email with your list and your thoughts on your book.






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