TBR Lottery Challenge Round 10 Results

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After a couple of technical difficulties…read: operator error, I’m sure! I’m pleased to present the results to our TBR Lottery Challenge: Round 10. Guys! The end is well within sight, we’ve got this challenge by the short hairs and I’m giddy with excitement! Check out everyone’s thoughts and keep reading for the Round 11 number!

Scandal | Professed by Nicola Rendell

I’m so happy I finally had a chance to read a little something, something by blog fave Nicola Rendell. As expected, it did not disappoint. You can go here to see Carmela’s review on the blog. I have to say, her review is pretty spot on except for a few little things, in my opinion! Yes, the sexy times are completely scandalicious and the story is a ton of fun. Witty, fun and clever in all of the right parts. I also agree that the ending is a touch unrealistic and rushed – it reads just a touch too tidy, you know. The characters are fun and interesting but it could’ve given me a little more. It took a bit to get into the flow of this book but once I sorted myself out, I was good to go! In spite of this being just a touch on the thin side, overall it is a very fun read. I’d go more along the 4 star-ish lines. (Scandal Note: At the time of this post, Professed is free on Amazon!)



Angela | Burned by Tara Sivec

Burned by Tara Sivec was book 15 on TBR list for this round. And I liked it, it was well written the characters were likable, but it just didn’t evoke deep feelings in me that I feel when I love a book. So yes the sex was hot, the storyline was engaging and there was even an element of suspense and I liked all of it. I can’t say what it is about it that doesn’t put it over the edge for me and what it is that sometimes does. So 3.5 stars for this book that I enjoyed and was a good read.




JennEllens | Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

I hit the jackpot with this one! This is book one of a planned trilogy following the same couple, Nevada, and Rogan. So this is a definite slow build as far as the romance is concerned. This is a great UF with romantic elements. The author is great at world building. The book is set in modern-day Houston (pre-Harvey) but there’s Magic! We learn about so many types of magic but yet it never seems like an info dump.

The story mainly focuses on Nevada and her family, and all she will do for her family. She’s a Truthseeker but has mostly kept her magic hidden for reasons that will be revealed. Then we have Mad Rogan, our hero, who is the baddest, meanest, most feared of all magic users.

So if you like a kick-ass, make no excuses heroine, then Nevada Baylor is your woman. All the secondary characters are great, too. There are so many options if the author wants to expand the world and continue the series past the three books currently out.

Being late to this trilogy has a nice side effect in that all three books are already out. As soon as I finished Burn for Me, I started book two, White Hot and have already finished it. I am currently reading the final book, Wildfire and am trying to pace myself since there are no more books in this world after this one.


Sunny | Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley

My book was Penmort Castle. What can I say, it is Kristen Ashley. After my initial rush, I have tried to measure myself with her books so that I can savor them. I savored every minute of this book.

This is a sweet story with Kristen Ashley’s flair. 75% of the book is a contemporary romance and 25% contains the paranormal element. Nonetheless, the story has the signature alpha hero and genuinely sweet heroine that we know and love. There is nothing like watching a self-proclaimed bachelor fall hard for his princess. I enjoy delving into Abby’s conflict of having more than one “true love” in her life.

I will forever think of a young Sean Connery when I think of Cash Fraser.

I was curious as to how she would embed the paranormal element and it was done very well.



Ally | Move The Sun by Susan Fanetti

Well, I finally finished Move the Sun and I’m grateful to you for tempting me to do so.

It took me like a year to read this book. I don’t know why, but it did. I think I simply could not connect with either of the MCs for the first half of the book. Second half, yea. Once the story really developed, rather than being mired in the series set up (which was most of the first half), I was all in.

This is definitely not for the faint of heart – there’s some serious knocking of boots, vags and peeners. And a butt, if you must know the truth. It’s also sorta violent. There’s dying here. Just saying. But what it is, is the story of two people coming together under the most extreme of circumstances, which makes sense, these are two very extreme people.

What I loved was that the hero did not stand in the heroine’s way of saving herself when saving needed happening. And when she needed him to be doing the saving, he did. Stepped right up and down as needed.

What I did not love, was the need to throw an ex-lover / girlfriend under the bus. That added nothing to the story and if you read around that whole scene, you won’t miss a thing. Nope. Nothing. It grates on my nerves when women throw women under the bus when it’s not necessary to the story. So points off for that. (Scandal note: PREACH IT!)

A decently good read and I’m glad the Scandalicious TBR challenge forced me to finish it.


So I’d say this was a pretty successful round, you guys didn’t have any stinkers and that’s always a win!! Random.org tells me our next pick will the #4 on your TBR Lottery Challenge List. That’s right Round 11’s number is 4 and for me, that means Susana Kearsley’s The Shadowy Horses. Scandal Brag: I have a beautiful signed copy of this one sitting on the corner of my desk, it has been taunting me for a year now! Get your thoughts together on your pick and I’ll post Round 11 results on December 1, 2017! Holy cow the year is screaming by and we are so close to finishing our TBR Challenge Lists! Well done ladies and thanks for sticking with this, and inspiring me to stick with it too!



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