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Sale Shelf: October 18, 2017

It's a small but mighty Sale Shelf this week: Kristen Ashley, J. Daniels, Lisa Renee Jones, and JT Geissinger just to name a few. MORE


Sale: October 4, 2017

We have a giant Sale Shelf for your consideration! Some are also available on Kindle Unlimited. MORE

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Sale Shelf: August 23, 2017

Today's Sale Shelf has Raine Miller, Cherise Sinclair and Cynthia Eden just to name a few...go, find something good to read - it's like shooting fish in a barrel this week. MORE


Sale Shelf: August 16, 2017

We have JR Ward to Ann Gimpel on the Sale Shelf today. Angels, dragons, first wives, thrillers, witches, sports stars, you name it and you'll probably find it on sale! MORE