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Yes, I realize I’m a day late…I’m still blaming RT Book Lovers Convention brain! I’m pretty sure there is some mathematical formula like the whole half your age + 7 when it comes to dating younger guys, that applies to RT recovery! Luckily, JoAnne and Frannie are on their game and making me look good!

Kindle Unlimited

CD ReissCD Reiss is an author that I have never had the pleasure to read. So, when her new release Bombshell showed up on KU I thought now is the time to give her a try.

Brad Sinclair is a young, hot, sexy movie star at the top of his career. He floats through each day partying hard with basically no thought of anyone but himself. Suddenly, he is presented with the “Bombshell” of his life. A daughter who was from a long ago forgotten relationship. When Nicole’s mother is killed, Brad is thrown into instant fatherhood. He finds this unwanted and a major inconvenience.

Cara DuMont is a professional nanny who wants desperately to keep herself out of the Hollywood limelight. When Nicole takes an instant liking to Cara she inadvertently pulls Cara into a situation that pretty much has disaster written all over it. Brad and Cara have an instant sexual chemistry much to Cara’s dismay. Her biggest fear is that she becomes a household name in Hollywood and not in a good way. I know nothing about the inner workings of the Hollywood jet-set but if it’s anything at all like this book I doubt I would want any part of it. Temperamental actors, a selfish PR agent, a bitchy and jealous Personal Assistant, and an adorable and precocious 5 year old all make this a very intense and interesting story. The end, thank God, was a happily ever after but wow it took some deep emotion and struggles for Brad, Cara and Nicole to get there! Excellent book and a 5 star read for me. (JoAnne)


Romance Shenanigans, OverDrive Style

A little over a year ago, I was at the Rio Las Vegas Spa and Salon, relaxing in a calm before all that was RT16, when a lovely woman and I struck up a conversation about Romance novels and libraries…a few weeks later, Scandal invited me to be your weekly “Naughty Librarian”.

At this year’s RT, I got to meet the rest of all of the Nerd Herd in person and they are just as amazingly awesome as you know them to be. And even though I was only able to sneak into the room before Scandalicious Romance Shenanigans started, word got out about the program and the laughter from it spread throughout the remainder of the conference.

So, this week, I wanted to bring you a list of the Shenanigans authors who can be found over on OverDrive:

Karen Booth (Harlequin Desire line)

Sarina Bowen (Brooklyn Bruisers series, The True North series)

Sonali Dev

Cristin Harber (Titan series)

Sara Humphreys (Amoveo series, Dead in the City series)

Laura Kaye

Mira Lyn Kelly

Beth Kery

Nana Malone

Kate Meader

Christy Reece

Jill Sanders

Joanna Shupe

Trading recs and fangirling is what Scandal and the Nerd Herd are all about. How lucky am I to also trade recs and fangirl right along with all of you?! There is much more where this list comes from, so, get ready to (re)stack those TBRs…with love from your Naughty Librarian! (Frannie)



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