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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re wearing green, I’d hate for you to get pinched! Jo-Anne and TJ are sharing some goodies they found on Kindle Unlimited this week…so many books so little time, no? And Frannie, the librarian with the mostest is talking about a little Beauty and the Beast Eloisa James style. Are you excited about the new movie? Will you be seeing it this weekend? I’ve heard great things about it, let me know what you think!

Kindle Unlimited


The Wingman by Natasha Anders

This was a new release this past week and I was surprised to see it was also a Kindle Unlimited book. Having read a couple of previous books by this author I was intrigued to see what this had to offer. One thing I do enjoy is the fact that Ms. Anders uses her native South Africa as the setting for her books. I enjoy reading about different areas of the world and South Africa is definitely a big world away from what I’m used to reading about. This story is about Mason Carlisle the super handsome bad boy local son who leaves the small town he was born in and joins the British Army. Then, after that he opens his own security firm. After selling the firm he moves back home to decide what he wants to do next with his life. Daisy McGregor is a local girl who moved back home after college to become a partner in her father’s veterinarian practice. Daisy is the youngest of the 3 sisters and the one that everyone overlooks. A little on the plump side she feels very awkward and unattractive. Mason and Daisy meet unexpectedly at a local pub and they both feel a surprising and immediate attraction. Needing a date for her sister’s wedding she asks Mason to help her out. What follows is a series of events that test all of the things Daisy and Mason thought about themselves and what they wanted for their futures. This book has a lot of angst in it as both Daisy and Mason fight to get away from the stereotypes that have been placed on them all of their lives. I really enjoyed this book and it was so nice to find a heroine that was not your typical tall, beautiful, and blond. Daisy is short, plump, kind hearted and smart. There is a large secondary cast of characters so I imagine each sister will have their own book in the future and I will definitely be checking to see when that will happen. Even though there is a lot of emotion in this book I did not feel swallowed up by it as I have in some of Ms. Anders previous books. 3.5-4 stars for me. (Jo-Anne)


Scarlet Stone by Jewel E Ann

I finally talked one of the nerds into reviewing a book by one of my favorite authors with me and she loved it as much as I did. Thanks lovely Lola for humoring me! And it’s now KU.

Scarlet Stone is not your typical run of the mill romance. Then again anything, you can’t really put a label on anything Jewel E Ann writes.

Scarlet gets some unexpected bad news and decides to re-evaluate her life.  She goes on a self discovery journey and ends up sharing a house with a very angry beast of a man named Theo. Boy that dude has some issues. He’s not use to people in his space and just doesn’t want to be bothered. Scarlet has zero problem pushing his buttons. These two develop a somewhat love/hate relationship, so to speak. They both have an agenda and nothing is stopping either of them from obtaining it.

At times this book was very difficult to read, had me slinging the ole kindle with Theo’s assholery. Other times just laughing. Unputdownable. Lola and I gave it 4.5 stars. (TJ)




Disney’s “live-action” version of Beauty and the Beast opens in wide-release today, so I thought this was the perfect time to re-read Eloisa James’s When Beauty Tamed the Beast. Her, now-classic, retelling of the fairy tale-as-old-as-time is what Regency Romance dreams are made of.

Piers is a beastly earl (also a doctor) with injuries and a notoriously bad temper. Linnet is a recently “ruined” beauty with a boisterous wit. Rumors about these two are flying around the ton, respectively, for very *ahem* delicate reasons. And with these “problems” comes a most opportune solution…or so we think.

Now, Linnet finds herself shipped away, betrothed to Piers and the two begin to trade barbs and snark skillfully.

Piers is too crotchety (and completely likeable). While Linnet is not having any of his nonsense. He is a lot like the character Dr. Gregory House. Anyone familiar will feel Linnet’s struggle.

They also become friends. Like, genuinely. And then comes a lot of sexy-times.

But soon an epidemic that causes Piers to shun Linnet in such a growly way that seems unfair. Fear not, though. This *is* a fairy tale. Piers and Linnet become so easy to root for.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast is total keeper shelf material. The laugh-out-loud moments are numerous. And readers will appreciate James’s fabulous secondary characters. Get ready for a most excellent book hangover. (Frannie)



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