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Happy Friday! If you need more than what we shared on this week’s Sale Shelf and on our 11s List of Favorite Single Dads in Romance post, take a look at this week’s Kindle Unlimited and OverDrive suggestions. We are just always trying to give you good reading ideas…and if we can help you find them on the cheap, then Bob’s your uncle! (that’s totally a Teena thing to say, by the way!)

Kindle Unlimited

tia louiseThe Last Guy by Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise

From its blurb seems like it would be a fun little Rom Com, however, it turned out to be a little bit more than that. Our hero is Cade Hill, an ex-NFL quarterback and now chief sports newscaster at KHOT TV in Houston, Texas. Our heroine is Rebecca Fieldstone, a reporter for the same station. When we first meet Rebecca, she is interviewing little girls who are competing in a beauty pageant. All does not go well and when she returns to the station she is confronted by her boss Marv, who tells her to either lose some weight to look better on camera or she will lose her shot at the weekend anchor position she has been working so hard for. Let me just say, Marv is your stereotypical male chauvinist boss, older, overweight and thinks he’s hot shit.  Cade, unfortunately, gets caught in this meeting also and sparks fly between him and Rebecca almost immediately. At first, I thought this would be your usual ego driven ex-jock story but Cade Hill surprised the heck out of me. As Rebecca tries to change her image to fit what the studio wants he seems to have her back at every turn. Their relationship, of course, starts as a one night fling with some hot sex after one too many shots of Fireball whiskey. I felt really bad for Rebecca because at every turn she is getting shot down in what she tries so hard to do. Yes, there are lots of funny moments in this book and some hilarious side characters but mostly I was saddened by what was happening to Rebecca because unfortunately, these things happen to women in real life jobs all the time. Cade turns out to be a really great guy and watching him fall in love with Rebecca and have his light bulb moment when he realizes he will fight to save their relationship and be her Last Guy was very sweet. I’m happy to say that in the end Rebecca rebounds nicely and there was an HEA to be had by all! I enjoyed this book, it had a lot more depth to it than just being a flirty rom-com. 3.5-4 stars for me. (Jo-Anne)



Robin LovettStranger by Robin Lovett

There’s something about stalkers in Romance. The piercing glances from afar, the combination hints of danger and possibility.

Logan undertakes a dark road of would-be revenge by sucking Penny in by his gaze. He wants her to want him so that he can exact his plot and usurp her safe world…

But Lovett does something fascinating with Stranger. She gives us the heroine’s POV first, and a compelling one it is. It starts with the ownership of her desire. Penny knows who she is and what she wants at all times. One of the best aspects of Stanger is Penny’s exploration of her own darkness and that sense of agency is such catnip.

Since we are talking main characters, often, these “stalkers” aren’t what we think of as actually menacing. There are deep reasons and POVs to why Logan starts this in the first place. It *is* Romance after all. And if you are looking for a foray into Dark Romance then Robin Lovett is a fab author to start with. (Frannie)



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