Subscription Recommendations: July 14, 2017

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We have some fun subscription recs for you – TJ and JoAnne have some KU books for you to consider and Frannie is keeping with our 11s List this week and recommending a Sci-Fi you can find at your local library!

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Mr. Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

This one was a real surprise and a totally enjoyable book. If you are a fan of HGTV you will love this story set around a home improvement theme. Gannon King and his twin sister Cat are the stars of a reality show called The Kings of Construction. Paige St. James is the over worked, under paid field producer of the show. Needless to say, Gannon and Paige don’t exactly get along both having huge misconceptions about the other. Paige sees  Gannon as temperamental and argumentative. Gannon sees Paige as an uptight, studio yes person. When they start filming the second season of the show and Paige and Gannon become emotionally involved with the mother and daughter whose house they are renovating Gannon and Paige both realize that they have totally underestimated each other. When Paige is nearly killed during a storm at the construction site Gannon suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to have a future without Paige. Paige was a hard sell to a future with Gannon thinking that in order to move ahead in her career she needed to stay single with no emotional attachments. I have to say I give a lot of credit to Gannon for hanging in there and wooing Paige because she was one hard sell! There was an excellent cast of side characters and the whole premise of a Home Improvement big reveal show was different and fun to read about. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! 4.5 stars for me! (Jo-Anne)


Filthy Doctor by Amy Brent

One of our loyal followers a while back mentioned doing a book chat with the silliness of this book. I mean look at that ridiculous cover and the title, what romance reader wouldn’t be intrigued? I am always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to books. So I thought hey why not.

Filthy Doctor was actually a good little second chance romance. Our “Filthy Doctor” is just that. He wants no commitments and has no problem just fucking around. Then one day a huge blast from his past walks into his life. The one girl that got him in high school. See he was a huge geek, smart, gangly, and a bit of a loner and they become best friends. Years go by and paths cross again and he quickly lets her know he has not forgotten her.

Fast paced sexy read, a bit over the top at times. But certainly entertaining. 3.5-4 stars (TJ)

*Filthy Doctor ends at around 8% lots of other books in this KU download*



Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais

There is a joke in my library about how I lassoed patrons into reading Alien Romance (when it became clear to all of us that Ruby Dixon was everything). Let’s just say I talk Biehn, Duchovny, Elba, and Fassbender…A. Lot. Casting book boyfriends always does the trick.

Megan is a curvy gal with a sharp mouth and she is spirited away (by force field), after a botched murder attempt. Tren is the purple alien with sharp teeth, part Han Solo/part Jack Sparrow, who accidentally did the snatching. So, he’s trying to feel out if he should kill her (yep, poor Megan) or sell her off at auction. But after the implant of a translator, the forced proximity causes Tren and Megan to crave each other beyond all reason. That lip of Megan’s may make Tren initially recoil, but her curves make him come back for more. And boy, are those scenes hot!

Even though Tren still speaks of his designs to dispose of Megan, he also cannot seem to let her or her body go…especially after she’s nearly snatched away from him for good.

I heard Eve Langlais speak at a panel at RT17 and she instantly became one of my go-tos for Sci-Fi Romance recs. Quick-witted, snappy dialog and steamy, inter-species sexy-times make for one heck of a great read. (Frannie)




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