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Happy Friday everyone. I hope my American readers are recovering from the food coma that is Thanksgiving. It is now officially okay to embrace the Christmas time of year, don’t you think? We found some fun ideas for you that won’t break your budget. Make sure you’re utilizing your Kindle Unlimited subscription and the OverDrive/Libby opportunities that are available to you. Also, this time of year, many authors do us all a solid and share fun freebie snippets on their websites – I’ll keep my eyes open and share them with you as I find them!


Santa Baby by KB Winters

There are several Christmas novellas in this collection.  SANTA BABY actually ends around 30%. So it’s a quick, sexy, insta-love, sweet read. So for those of you who are looking for a deep serious read, this is not for you.

Alex is a millionaire, he owns a successful tech company in Los Angeles and is a permanent bachelor.  He’s also a very respectful and generous employer. However, when he heads home to Minneapolis for the holidays, he’s a loving son, brother and uncle.  He meets beautiful Maci, in a food court in the mall. Instant attraction and all that good stuff and Alex as a perma bachelor but is blown out of the water by this humble strong headed woman.

Maci is a down on her luck single mom.  Her ex husband left her when her little girl was just two years old.  She has spent the last four years struggling to make ends meet working two jobs, and never dating.  So when she meets the sexy kind stranger in the food court on break she decides to take a chance.

SANTA BABY had all of the feel goods for a quick, sexy as well as satisfying holiday read. (TJ)



Matzoh and Mistletoe by Jodie Griffin

For those of you ready to go from Pumpkin Spice to Gingerbread, author Jodie Griffin delivers some yummy seasonal kink, as sweet as Santa’s cookies and as sizzling as potato latkes!

When the newly divorced Rebeccah undertakes her yearly holiday good deed, something is different. This time she is able to pay full attention to Jeremy, the sexy cop she has ridden along with for the past 5 seasons. But little does she know that Jeremy has harbored a long suppressed attraction to her…which includes all of his darkest fantasies as a Dominant. As Becca learns about Jeremy’s need for control, she is very reluctant to admit her curiosity of it. See, Becca suffered much mental and domineering anguish in her marriage. But Jeremy, clearly having love for her, tries to ease her into what they both need right at the start of this fledgling relationship. There are a few bumps here, but it’s all a process which feels very natural for this couple in order to get off on the right foot. Jeremy is kinky and wants to push Becca the way he desires, but respects her past. Becca wants to shake off the demons she wrestles with, but is more than intrigued by the brand of submissiveness Jeremy craves. Griffin’s Becca will for sure resonate with readers who are new to BDSM and Erotica. ‘Matzoh and Mistletoe’ is also a natural fit for those readers who like their BDSM stories with a huge side of underlying sweetness. Happy hot-lidays! (Frannie)


Scandal Note: While we are on the Jodie Griffin train…if you head over to her website, she has a very naughty St. Nick story, with a Vixen of a reindeer shifter story that’s free, FREE!! She’s a giver like that and Santa has never looked so cut!

Sleigh Bells Ring

Vixen loves Nicholas, but as her stay in the North Pole grows short, this reindeer-shifter worries that her time spent with the Master Elf has ruined her for any other dominant out in the real world. But Nic has other plans for the little doe who caught his eye….and his heart.

A holiday gift for my readers, you can get SLEIGH BELLS RING right here, for free!


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