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Some of my nerdy friends have been busy scouring the Kindle Unlimited portion of Amazon this week. TJ and Jo-Anne have found more than a couple of books that might keep you entertained this weekend. Also, our favorite librarian brings it again, this time with something a little saucy! Also, if you’re not following Frannie on Twitter and Instagram, you are missing out. She is absolutely the antithesis of the stereotypical quiet librarian – she gobbles up everything life has to offer and shares some of the best pictures of her adventures!


Fake Fiancé by Ilsa Madden-Mills

The fake fiancé or fake relationship trope usually are fun reads for me. This story was a sweet quick read with very little angst. Sunny is a strong independent college student. She ran away from a difficult home life and is determined to make something of herself. She moves next to the sexy head quarterback Max Kent. Football is his life and he has his eyes set on the Heisman trophy, then onto the NFL. The groupies are a big distraction for him so he talks her into being his fake girlfriend. Well we all know how that turns out. These two are very attracted to one another but they get to know each other as friends first. The banter between the two had me laughing out loud at times. A little predictable but overall great read. (TJ)




The Carpino Series by Brynne Asher

This past weekend I had the pleasure of trying out a new to me author by the name of Brynne Asher. She has written a 3-book series about a family called the Carpino’s. Book number 1. Overflow is the story of Gabby Carpino and Jude Ortiz. Gabby is an account/ interior decorator and Jude is an over the top hot alpha FBI agent. The stories take place in Omaha, Nebraska where Gabby and her whole family are from. Book number 2 Beautiful Life is Tony Carpino and Leigh Briggs/ Johnson’s story. Tony is Gabby’s hot as shit lawyer cousin and Leigh is Gabby’s best friend and a nurse. Book number 3 Athica Lane is Paige Carpino and Cam Montgomery’s story. Paige is Tony’s sister and runs a catering business and also writes a food blog. Cam is the local hot as hell football coach and owner of an athletic training facility. He is also a divorced single dad to two adorable kids and a bitch of an ex-wife.  Each story has an equal part romance and some crazy suspense going on. I have to say these books remind me of Kristen Ashley’s Mountain Man series in a big way. The guys are so totally over the top Alpha men I at times wanted to wring their ever-loving necks! Our heroine’s in each book struggle with these hot guys and their “you are mine” take charge attitude as they try to protect them from some pretty intense dangers. There are lots of secondary characters in this book as the Carpino’s are a huge Italian family with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, brothers and sisters. Everybody knows everybody’s business and there sure aren’t any secrets. I laughed out loud a lot while reading these stories but there are some seriously intense scenes that happen also. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every book and highly recommend them. I did notice some editing issues but not enough to take away from my overall enjoyment of the stories. I will however caution readers that book number 2 deals heavily with domestic abuse and the loss of a child. Each book can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read them in order. I give this whole book series 4.5-5 stars. With book #3 being my favorite. (Jo-Anne)


Vines by Brynne Asher

After discovering author Brynne Asher and her Carpino Family series I decided to dive right into her new series about a group of men who train soldiers of fortune or as our hero Crew Vega says “contract killers.” I enjoyed this book also, but maybe not as much as the Carpino series. Our hero is Crew Vega a 34-year old former Secret Service agent who worked at the White House. He leaves the service and becomes a contract killer for 10 years pretty much disappearing into thin air, only to resurface on a farm in Virginia. Our heroine is 31-year old Addison Wentworth. She happens to buy the winery that is next door to Crews farm. Addy has some very dark secrets and is basically trying to hide her identity and forge a new life with her winery. Once again I have to say the way this book is written it reminds me of some of the elements of a Kristen Ashley story, however the author does a good job of making this her own story. Crew immediately decides that Addy is the women for him and come hell or high water he is claiming her. The story takes place near Washington DC, so we have espionage and secrets galore and a great cast of secondary characters who I am sure will be leading characters in future books. I found this to be a very enjoyable book and I certainly recommend this author. If you are looking for a hot Alpha hero that goes after the woman he wants, and a heroine that has had to keep it together and finally finds a man to help her let it all go you will really enjoy this book. 4 stars for me! (Jo-Anne)


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To Have and To Master by Sparrow Beckett

Konstantin savors a life in America with dominance, power and too-eager submissives. But his Russian grandmother wants him to settle down with a “good girl”. So, she enlists the help of a matchmaker to pair him with Varuska, a girl from her village.

When they meet, Konstantin is happily surprised to find her to be naturally submissive, but he’s taken off guard by her innocence. It isn’t long before Varushka blossoms under her fiancé/Master and he falls deeply in love with her. As the young woman faces the challenges her own skeptical family presents, Konstantin stands by her in ways that surprise even himself.

It’s here that Beckett’s characters grow together emotionally and believably. While there are scenes of BDSM, Beckett’s themes might feel universal to every reader. There is plenty of kink and plenty of true love. (Frannie)




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