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I think it’s safe to say that Ruby Dixon gets a lot of love on the blog. I mean if you listen to the podcast, Teena and Nikki are forever singing Dixon’s praises. It’s no wonder many blog readers are feeling the Dixon love too. Jo-Anne read the third dragon book and could not keep quiet about it! And Frannie, well, never say librarians can’t be scandalicioius…in fact, they hold all of the books so I think they are the most scandalicious! Check out her ideas on porn.


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Fire in His Embrace by Ruby Dixon

This is the third book in Dixon’s dragon series and once again I am overwhelmed with her world building. Every time I finish one of these books I don’t think she can top the previous one and every single time she proves me wrong! Zohar….sigh, he is just the most perfect alpha male and he doesn’t even know it. Emma is the strongest heroine we have seen so far in this series and she has some serious hang up with being abandoned. This makes it really hard for her to embrace the mating that she does with Zohar to save his life. I love everything about this series, it has alpha dragons, feisty heroines, bad guys and humor. I mean what more could you want?! If you haven’t read Ruby Dixon and her fantasy world of Blue Barbarians then you need to read about her hot as hell Dragons. 4.5 stars for me!!! (Jo-Anne)





Exposure by Chauntelle Tibbals (Non-Fiction)

Just as pornography seems to be shaping every day discussion…As Romance readers, we go through cycles where we must and will defend Romance, the HEA, Erotic Romance, Erotica, and kink on a seemingly regular basis. So, I’ve started to access material that could help sort out these highly relevant topics in positive ways.

Exposure feels like one of these titles. And one especially that isn’t titillating for titillation’s sake.

Released in 2015, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals shares her fascinating POV on what today’s adult entertainment and media industry is all about. By taking a more layperson/less scholarly approach, Tibbals’ adventures are entertaining and are filled with hilarious anecdotes, a healthy dose of advocacy, and interesting personal histories. Exposure is more than just about the ways “sex sells,” it makes a sex positive argument. She cuts through the mythology and takes on incredulous academics and field assignments with that same gusto. Her examples of key industry players and pornographic imagery takes readers from the traditionally elusive on through to mainstream acceptance. If anyone wants a better understanding of why porn matters, Tibbals delivers. (Frannie)



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