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About a year ago I found a new to me author that I’ve really come to enjoy reading. Nancy Herkness has quite a few books out but I have really enjoyed her ones about three filthy rich bachelors who make a bet that they can’t find true love in a year. Her newest book The VIP Doubles Down is the last book in this series and it is the story of Gavin Miller a famous author with a terrible case of writer’s block and Allie Nichols a Physical Therapist. Allie is hired by his agent to help him relieve stress and the pain in his back and neck. From the first moment they meet sparks fly between the two of them but both Gavin and Allie have some hefty baggage to work their way thru. Allie is coming off of a very bad marriage and Gavin has been let down by most of the people in his life. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Gavin and Allie and how she tried to help him thru his writer’s block. There was some snappy dialogue, two nasty exes, an adorable cat and appearances by the other two bachelors to round out the cast of characters. Oh, and a lot of hot sex! The whole series is called Wager of Hearts with 3 full books and 1 novella all on Kindle Unlimited. If you haven’t read Nancy Herkness I highly recommend her she is an enjoyable author to read. I give this book 3.5 stars but I would probably give the whole series 4.5 stars. (Jo-Anne)


TJ here and I’m really excited that two of my favorite authors have so many KU this week. First let me mention Jewel E. Ann. (Then I’ll get to Kate Stewart) Yes, I know I yammer on about my love for her books, but she writes some amazing as well as crazy books. I’ve read them all and I’ve never been disappointed.

Scarlet Stone– Lola and I reviewed this book for the blog a while ago. We both loved it. It was a bit tough to read at times as it deals with some difficult issues about life. Fast paced page turner that had me slinging my kindle a few times. 4.5 stars


The Jack & Jill Series– This series is romantic suspense at its best. These books took me on a wild ride like no other series has taken me on. Very intense. The main characters as well as the secondary ones are very well developed. I reviewed them all on the blog. 5 stars for me. (TJ)




Kate Stewart also has several KU this week. I read a book of hers years ago and when another author starting pumping her up I had to pay attention. AND I’m so glad I did. I have fallen in love with her writing.

Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1)– This book is a sports rom-com that I just adored. A nerdy flight instructor who might I add is a bit innocent meets a sexy baseball player trying his best to get to the majors. He is taken aback by this northern quirky girl and falls hard for her. Entertaining throughout the whole book. 4.5 stars

Major Love (Balls in Play #2)– Kate has crafted a fantastic follow up sports rom-com with this book. Carmella and I loved this one equally. This author is known for making her readers fight for an HEA and boy did she ever with this one. Our sexy as hell hero is the perfect filthy talker, and our heroine is so mentally tough you can’t help but love her! We gave it 4.5 stars

The Brave Line (Balls in Play #3) I truly don’t feel this book has gotten the attention that it should have. It is one of my favorites of the year. Yes, it’s a book that’s in this series, however honestly they all can be read as standalones. This is my favorite in the series and invoked so many raw emotions in me. We have Rowdy, the cop with a big heart but keeps everyone at arm’s length. And the 911 operator, sweet open hearted Michelle who has a major crush on the quiet and private cop. Their chemistry is pretty explosive, this story is so heartfelt. It’s a must read! Sunny and I gave it 4.5 stars. (TJ)





With everyone’s next book con around the corner, I wanted to go back to an OverDrive pick from an author I discovered through attending the RT BookLovers Convention in 2014. Renee Rose writes Erotica and Erotic Romance that crosses several sub-genres including Stepbrothers, Shifters, Military, Westerns, and Aliens. But as hot as her characters are, they also border on the adorable. Her heroines are just needy enough without being cloyingly so. And her scorching Alphas always exact control.

My first Renee Rose title was Mob Mistress, a spicy little meatball from her Bossman series.

Hairstylist Lexi Tyler needs control of her finances and career. Mobster Bobby Manghini needs control of his women. Hearing Lexi’s plight, their friend Gina introduces them, and they enter into a no-strings “sugar daddy”/”goomah” relationship. The instant chemistry between Bobby and Lexi leads to several nights of complete discipline and smoking hot sex. As frustrating as run-ins with family, an Ex, and the Feds can be, they seem to be no match for the arrangement Bobby reinforces with Lexi.

But will a secret Bobby harbors be the real threat to what’s deepening into much more than either he or Lexi could have imagined? (Frannie)


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