Ride It Out by Cara McKenna

“ have one winner of a series ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: Suspense  | Series: Desert Dogs #4  | Source: NetGalley  | GoodReads

Well, I’m sad to see this series end, but of course, Cara McKenna ended it the best way possible. Jeremiah’s story is the perfect closure for this all-encompassing, deeply layered, beautifully developed and thoughtfully paced romantic suspense. We loved it so much, Lola, Sunny and I recorded ourselves chatting about it last night. We’ve waited a long time for Miah to find his happily ever after and Nicki is only perfect for him. Couple that with the larger crime/mystery going on and you have one winner of a series. Promise us you’re reading this one – I’ll put the reading order after the video. I forgot to even ask the ladies how they’d rate it but for me, given its history and who McKenna ties everything up to end the series, I’m going with 5 masterfully played stars.

Desert Dogs Reading Order

Lay It Down – Vince + Kim

Give It All – Raina + Duncan

Burn It Up – Casey + Abilene

Drive It Deep – novella prequel Miah + Raina

Ride It Out – Miah + Nicki


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