Wedlocked by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

“Wedlocked is a beautifully written love story filled with beauty, grace and promise. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: LGBTQ Romance/MM  | Series: PresLocke #3  | Publisher: self pub  | Source: ARC provided by authors  | GoodReads

Well, if it’s happily ever after you’re looking for, Wedlocked is the book for you. Holy goodness batman, nothing but sweet, sexy, delicious feels in this one my friends but as you probably guessed, you’re gonna need/want to read the first two books in the PresLocke series first, Aced and Locked. Frank and Blaine really outdid themselves with this sure to be fan favorite ending to the story of Ace and Dylan. Actually, let’s not call it an ending, that sounds morbid and we all know the good stuff is just starting, let’s call it, that spot where we stop intrusively peering into their lives so they can get on living!

As you can tell by the cover, and title…Ace and Dylan are getting hitched. We’ve watched these guys go through so much over the course of this series. We’ve met new and endearing characters while having the opportunity to catch up with older personalities we’ve grown to love over the years. Dylan’s parents, his stoner brother, his beautiful support system that readily takes Ace in and immediately treats him as one of their own, not the mega celebrity he is, it’s all you could hope for in a set of in-laws. Hell, even Ace’s parents aren’t immune the the beauty that is Dylan’s family!

As in past books, we get cameos from old Frank and Blaine characters. They are all great but, BUT it must be stated, Tate and Logan will forever hold a very special, practically untouchable place, in my heart. I love those two men and would read them reading the fucking phone book, no joke. It’s always fun watching seemingly unrelated characters come together. I mean, isn’t it fun to go to a wedding, or throw a wedding, and watch your friends from vastly different walks of life meet and enjoy each other’s company? That’s the best part of weddings for me…well, that and an open bar, let’s be honest. Frank and Blaine do not disappoint with this interaction, I mean a drunken scavenger hunt, come on now, that’s only awesome.

So, we watch Ace and Dylan plan their wedding, we watch them deal with problems that arise, we watch them lean on each other, support each other and prove their unconditional love to each other time and a again. We cry, we laugh, we fan ourselves when they have some of the hottest sex on the page…seriously, these women can write the hell out of some hot sex and then we get an epilogue. Sweet mother of Jesus I thought I’d recovered from the heartfelt and beauty of Ace and Dylan’s wedding vows and then they fucking nail me with that epilogue. Oh for fuck’s sake, I should bill them for my tissue consumption. I was simply overwhelmed with happy emotions when this couple finally got their much deserved happily ever after. Good gravy.

I’ve always said Frank and Blaine have a special way of writing, their dialogue just flows nicely. I can definitely see growth in their style, there is a new feeling of ease that sweeps the reader away in the beautiful and often challenging world of our fellas. Well done ladies, Wedlocked reads with an effortless flow that made the world stop around me for a few hours. Wedlocked is a beautifully written love story filled with beauty, grace and promise.


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