Two Footsteps by Belle Brooks

“How about some dark and twisty, with a whole lot of what the heck??? ”

by TJ
The Deets Genre: suspense  | Series: The Game of Life #2  | Publisher: Obie  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

I reviewed the first installment in this series, One Fear, last month and Belle pulled me way out of my comfort zone with that book. So I knew jumping into Two Footsteps, I better make damn sure that I had my big girl panties on, and was ready for anything she threw at me before starting this crazy book. Remember this is a five part series so be forewarned it ends in a take your breath away (and not in a good way) fucking nasty ass cliffhanger.

As the clock ticks on with no sign or word from Morgan, Reid starts to lose his mind trying to figure out what the hell has happened to his wife. He is the prime suspect in her disappearance, but…wait..Reid claims beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s not involved. However Morgan’s captor- The Big Bad Wolf seems to know plenty about Morgan and Reid’s life together. The Wolf displays this through the pictures of her family that somehow he has obtained. Several pretty ugly secrets both Reid and Morgan have kept from one another come to light while she’s being held captive. The Wolf is tormenting his “Red” while making her play this horrific game of life. He’s an absolute monster who shows no mercy.

As much as I tend to shy away from dark and twisty subjects in my book selections, I just couldn’t put this series down. Belle Brooks completely pulled me in with this suspenseful tale. I found myself rooting for both Reid and Morgan and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the series will play out. Will the readers find out why the Wolf has such a vendetta against this poor woman? Do we think Morgan will give up this twisted game and miserable horrific puzzle she’s been forced to be a participant in? Or will she fight tooth and nail to get back to her family that she loves so much?


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