Tied Score by Elia Winters

“”I guess I could say that this book had popped my “hero, the sub” cherry. And I’ve enjoyed every minute, every word, every scene, and every chapter of it.” ”

by Carmela
The Deets Genre: Erotic Romance  | Series: Slices of Pi  | Publisher: Pocket Star  | Source: Netgalley  | GoodReads

This is the second book in the Slices of Pi series, which first book I’ve previously reviewed for the blog. Followers of the blog could probably recall how I made Scandal chuckle with how I coined the hero of that book, Caleb, as “nerdy artist boy can lay the pipe” type. That’s just my way to illustrate the guy’s kinkiness. Well, I am pleased to report that the hero of this book, Owen, is even kinkier and on this occasion, we are looking at the BDSM variety. No people, he is not the Dom. He is the submissive! *insert my big gasp here* I did right in NOT bothering to read the blurb before I started, hence, I was taken quite  by surprise of this fact. And, I was racking my brains out for any book I’ve read where the hero is the sub and I came up with nothing, nada, zilch. I guess I’ve come across some on social media but they were such dark reads that I  never attempted to read them. I guess I could say that this book had popped my “hero, the sub” cherry. And I’ve enjoyed every minute, every word, every scene, and every chapter of it.

The heroine of this book is Iris, head of HR at PI Games. We met her in the previous book as Isabel’s advocate in the latter’s fight against one of her male colleague’s harassments. She’s a regular customer of the bakery owned by Owen, who is also the main baker of the place. One early morning, after being up all night celebrating her boss’ nuptials, she called in the bakery for a coffee and croissant. Well, she had those AND a date with Owen. She asked him if he could hang out with her at a resort as her best friend cancelled last minute prior to their pre-booked holiday. He agreed, both of them knowing that hanging out is actually hooking up. Iris is a product of a disastrous marriage between a minister and his wife who had run off from him and Iris as soon as she had found her own two feet. Adding to this is a string of short term/failed relationships which had left her commitment/relationship shy. Owen’s lack of a love interest, on the other hand, can be attributed to his work as a baker AND to his particular kink. His work, because, you know, early bedtimes for super early morning starts could make it tricky to set a first date, much more, run a relationship. His particular kink, since what gets his rocks off is to be sexually dominated in bed. His dating history has taught him the lesson that long-term speaking, most women are not down with being the dominant. To his surprise, Iris is so down with being a Domme. She reveled in playing the part by doing research to help her stage their scenes together. She’s good with after care, sex toys and clicked with Owen not only in the sexual sense but in personalities outside of their Domme-Sub relationship as well.

I was well impressed with how the author has convinced me of, shall I say, Owen and Iris’ respective predisposition towards their roles of Domme and Sub in their newfound relationship. There is an obvious connection between where they are in their respective lives and the role they each wanted to play in their kink. Owen, as a sole owner of a thriving independent bakery, has a mountain of responsibilities to fulfill to make his business a success. He has to be in control, otherwise, his entire ship will sink, so to speak. Being a sexual submissive allows him to let go and relinquish control to another person just for a few hours. And this power transfer translates to deep sexual pleasure for him and his sexual partners. With Iris, the string of failed short-term relationships and her routinely and predictable role in a creative environment made her feel like she was losing control of her own life. She feels adrift, not being able to channel out her creative side. Understandably, she wanted to regain control. She’s found an outlet by being the sexual dominant who owns Owen’s orgasms. The author has obviously done her homework with respect to the psychology and dynamics of a BDSM relationship. What makes it more interesting and different for me, is the fact that it’s the man who relinquishes control and the woman is a total kickass as she’s the one who orchestrates each and every sexual encounter.

Then of course, you cannot talk about a book with elements of  BDSM in it without going over the sex. And holy freaking mama, the sex in this one is hot, hot, hot! One particular scene that stuck involves the act that starts with a p and ends with a g. Ms. Winters had truly crank it up with the heat level on this one, and it’s not in the least gratuitous as it’s essential to the development of the romantic relationship. Owen and Iris have no formal contractual agreement with respect to their arrangement. They were two consenting adults who agreed to meet up as much as they can to satisfy each other’s kink. After each scene they have, when the handcuffs and sex toys were off and put away, they get to talk and learn more about each other a little. And a little more, until they’ve realised they were what each other need even after all the kinky sex. Their feelings developed alongside the development of the Domme-sub side of their relationship and it’s beautiful to watch.

This is turning out to be a really interesting and varied series. To prove that point, the next book is a male-male romance featuring Matthew, head programmer for PI Games. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that!


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