Thirst by Jacquelyn Frank

“Rafe DaSilva is an excellent vampire hero. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: Paranormal Romance  | Series: The Energy Vampires #1  | Publisher: Loveswept  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

A few weeks back I shared a First Look at Thirst over on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Take a moment to read my thoughts there – go on…I’ll wait.

I enjoyed this book very much and I was especially taken with the idea of a new sort of vampire roaming about. I also love how there is a subtle nod to the possibility of other, blood sucking types of vamps that are just as crafty at keeping to themselves as our Energy Vampires are. As I mentioned in the HH review, these vamps drain your energy, not your blood and they require a good, clean source to keep themselves healthy. These sun seeking, warm to the touch vamps find Whole Foods makes for an excellent pick up joint!

Rafe DaSilva is an excellent vampire hero. He feels the chemistry when he first encounters our heroine, Detective Renee Holder but he doesn’t want to pull her into danger. Unfortunately for him, the heart wants what the heart wants and Rafe’s heart and other parts want her with all of their might! Still, it’s against the rules to let her in on the vampire secret…alas, her time with him has left her vulnerable and he can’t just walk away and leave her as a sitting duck. She tough and can normally handle her own business, but vampires…even the energy sucking kind, can be ruthless killers with speed and strength a mortal can’t combat. So he risks it all to keep her safe.

Renee is an excellent heroine. She is tough, smart, tenacious, crafty and above all, fearless. I also love her reaction to learning about the vampire society Rafe has inadvertently made her aware of. It’s a completely reasonable and believable reaction that gave the book a dose of reality that made me smile. There’s no stopping Renee and methinks we might just discover there is more to her than meets the eye.

Other things I loved about the book…first up, the history of our vampires. How they got here and what they do to keep themselves safe, hidden and protected. I love the way this is filtered into current events and relevant issues in our real life world. For that alone, you should check out this book. Secondly, I love a good mystery and there is definitely one going down on the pages of this book. Frank sets up enough of the hierarchy of our vampire situation…the good guys and the bad Sycophant guys to answer our current questions while leaving the door open to the bigger storyline. I for one will definitely keep up with this new series.


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