The Playboy Prince and the Nanny by Donna Alward

“Alward added her layers and sucked me right into this world of hers yet again! ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: category romance - clean  | Series: Royal Duology #1  | Publisher: Swerve  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

I first found Donna Alward when I discovered her Darling, VT series. She writes small town love stories really well, remarkably well. She has the ability to take a story that should feel cliche and add layers to it that sweep you away. Someone to Love was, for me, an especially lovely book. Because I’ve grown fond her Alward’s writing style, I didn’t hesitate when The Playboy Prince and the Nanny landed on my Kindle. I actually jumped into it with little knowledge other than the title…I figured the title was a pretty good indicator of the type of story I was diving into. As the title implies, this book definitely has a category romance feel to it. It’s full of trope-y goodness – royal/commoner, rake/chaste, hell, even boss/employee with a dash of cute kids. All good things tied up in a short, sweet read. The one thing I didn’t count on was exactly how wholesome this book is. I’m not going to lie, I’ve struggled with this review because I was so taken aback by the “cleanness” of this story. Now, that says way more about me, and my reading habits than it does the book, do not let that discourage you from picking it up! It’s a lovely, sweet story. Just don’t think you’re going to get more than some stolen kisses and a quickly copped feel under the sweater kind of action. Again, the rest of the story completely makes up for the lack of heat. I’d just hate for you to go into this thinking you’d be getting the sort of “playboy” details we are used to reading about. Alward proves, with the proper amount of layers, character development and sincerity in a story, you really will not miss the “throbbing cock sliding home” stuff. Just a little level set for you! Let me tell you more…

Prince Diego Navarro is the spare heir, relegated to the life of playboy luxury befitting a royal. He hates his role but it’s all that is expected of him so what’s a Prince to do? His brother, the heir to the thrown is dealt a devastating blow when his beautiful, loving wife dies in a tragic car accident. They have two young children, their life-long nanny also perished in the crash but the kids were unharmed. Reeling from such a tragic loss, the task of finding a new nanny for these sweet, young children falls on their uncle, Diego. Finally, he will be able to do something helpful for his family and for their country.

Rose Walters is the epitome of goodness and grace, a real life Mary Poppins when it comes to nannying. She also comes from a poor working class family who has its own set of baggage and issues. Much like Prince Diego, Rose knows family expectations can be a royal bitch. Rose realizes the importance of the role she accepts to play when it comes to these kids and she doesn’t enter into her new job lightly or on a whim. ┬áThese are innocent, young children and appropriately lost in their grief, much like their father and the rest of the royal family. Rose handles them with loving care but a firm hand and it is beautiful to watch these little ones blossom under her care. Clearly, they had a good foundation.

Rose and Diego feel the spark of attraction from their very first meeting. Neither of them, Rose especially, wants to act on these feelings. Rose wants to protect the integrity of her new job while protecting the kids from further loss. Diego feels the same way but man, you can’t help who you fall for now, can you? There is some palace intrigue, missed signals and some good old longing looks and stolen moments to round out the complex family issues/drama. I enjoyed this book so much, I read it in one sitting. I would’ve wanted more character development on our heir to the thrown but I think it’s safe to say, our widowed King in waiting will get another shot at love in the second installment of this Royal Duology. There’s definitely some unrequited love stuff happening in the background of his office…just saying, more palace intrigue is alway welcome! It’s safe to say Alward added her layers and sucked me right into this world of hers yet again!


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