The Negotiator by Avery Flynn

“It’s lovely and I adored it. Well done... ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary romance  | Series: Standalone  | Publisher: Entangled  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads


Okay, okay, I know we like to joke about the young billionaire crazy stuff here around the blog but at least this one earned it the old-fashioned way, he inherited it! One dearly departed dead dad later and Sawyer Carlyle is running the family business. If it wasn’t clear in his youth that he was made to be a workaholic, his new CEO role solidified his fate. He is quiet and focused and determined to live up to and surpass the standards set by his beloved father. Needless to say, his mom is worried about him and the hours he keeps…so worried, she parades a string of potential wife candidates in front of him every chance she gets. Sawyer’s mom is tenacious with her parade of women…and shameless, she is dragging single ladies all over town in hopes of marrying off her eldest. To help a guy out, Sawyer’s brother places an ad for a “personal buffer” – buffer, not fluffer, get your porny heads out of the gutter! Enter Clover Lee.

Clover is a free-spirited, nothing is ever going to tie me down, live life to the fullest kinda’ girl. Another thing about Clover is, she has never met a negotiation she can’t win – the woman is relentless that way! So, she agrees to six weeks with Sawyer, her mission is to keep his mom off his back and the string of wife candidates out of his line of vision. He has deals to make and no time for relationship nonsense. Six weeks, no falling in love, no strings hell, they aren’t even supposed to touch – this is business dang it! But…you know how we do in romance land…

Okay, it is always the quiet ones. Never forget that. There is a scene, Sawyer in the shower, taking his business in hand…and he realizes Clover is watching him and let me tell you…he does not hold back. That is one of the hottest jacking off in the shower scenes I’ve read in a very long time – good gravy, I needed a cold shower after reading it! Once these two finally start opening up to each other, they both realize and fight the attraction…not the physical part of course, there is plenty of hot fucking…but the emotional attachments are a no go, they even negotiate it out on a napkin. Avery Flynn writes some smoking hot sex and again, those quiet ones are always the freaks in bed! Thank goodness. (side note: I love how Sawyer is more than capable of laying the pipe and laying it well but we didn’t have to hear about his multitude of conquests that prepped him for his amazing pipe laying capabilities – his mom might be parading them but he’s not bedding them. Sawyer doesn’t have crazy ex one night stands or a reputation of loving and leaving, he’s just a good, busy man doing his thing. Refreshing.)

Avery Flynn also does a mighty fine job with the witty banter. If you follow her on social medial, you already know she is a nut…a silly dork…the Queen of the gifs…with a genuinely infectious laugh. She’s one of the happiest, funniest people I’ve ever met  and it comes across beautifully in here writing. The conversations are funny and poignant and flow naturally. Nothing but added bonuses to an already good story. Now, both of these characters will make you want to shake them…they both have a serious case of head up ass disease, different strains but the same disease. In an effort to make things right, Sawyer fucks up royally. That means this quiet guy has to put it all out there with a grand gesture to win his girl back. It’s lovely and I adored it. Well done Sawyer, and Avery Flynn!




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