The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter

“...Baxter crafts an action packed tale filled with intrigue and some smoking hot sex. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: PNR/UF  | Series: Last True Vampire #5  | Publisher: St. Martin's Press  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

I’ve been raving about Kate Baxter’s Last True Vampire series for a while now. You can see my love, here, here, and Tania too, here. I’ve even spread my love of this series over on Heroes and Heartbreakers, there’s a full series re-cap right here, go ahead, read it…I’ll wait! I’ve been anxiously awaiting Saeed’s book for a long time and Baxter does not disappoint.

Saeed is was one of the oldest dhampirs before Mikhail turned him to full blown vampire status. He’s been around since the 1020s I think, old is an understatement. The man has been places and seen things. Part of becoming a vampire means you become linked to the collective, which means, you hear the thoughts and experiences of all, ALL of the vampires that came before you. Imagine that shit running around in your head! The more you feed, especially from your mate, the easier it is to manage the literal voices and pictures in your head. The collective has shown Saeed his true mate, she’s a beautiful red haired fae that appears to have been around at least as long as he has, if not longer. Now, he just has to find her. Tethering their souls will bring him the peace he needs and return his lost soul.

Cerys Bain is a soul thief. She is lethal, deadly, and feared beyond measure. She works for an evil mage, Rin and because of her intimidating skills, he keeps her close by at all times. Sadly, using her ability comes with a price – every time she takes a soul, she loses a piece of herself. Add this to the big thing Rin is holding over her head to keep her at his beck and call, and well, she’s got a crazy sad story, and some baggage to boot. You know what Rin is using to keep her as his possession and weapon of mass destruction must be bad because Cerys is a total badass, and she’s been under his thumb for millennia. When Saeed finally finds his fiery haired true mate, he has his work cut out for him.

The Lost Vampire gives us some back story on a few familiar characters. Ian, Sasha, Diego, Siobhan are all in the story and have important roles. Having said that, I don’t think this story really moves the larger plot line along all that much. I’m not mad about it, just pointing it out. This book is definitely more character driven than story arc driven but really, all that we get is necessary and fun to read. For that reason, I was tempted to go with more of a 4-star rating and then I really thought about it. I enjoyed Saeed and Cerys’ interactions so much. Since they weren’t able to tether immediately, Saeed had to really prove his love and devotion to her. For her own reasons, she was skeptical, she’s rather hopeless by the time he finds her so it’s completely understandable why she fights it a little. As usual, Baxter crafts an action packed tale filled with intrigue and some smoking hot sex. The storytelling is compelling and the characters will worm their way into your heart and make you root for their happiness. Both Saeed and Cerys are strong yet vulnerable, and that trait goes a long way towards making them likable and oddly enough, relatable characters. I would like to suggest you utilize your library if this series happens to price out of your comfort zone. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, this is definitely a series you want to be following along with.


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