The Do-Over by Julie Richman

“You can't help but fall in love with Wes and Tara. Fantastic second chance romance! Plus, a giveaway! ”

by TJ
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Our lovely Author of the Week, Julie A. Richman has a new release coming out tomorrow and I’m here to tell y’all about this fabulous second chance romance that I adored immensely. There is something about this author’s books that never seem to disappoint me. Maybe it’s the way she weaves her words, or maybe it’s because she writes about characters I can relate to, or simply it’s because her books are just that engaging. In The Do-Over, she certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s meet Wes and Tara our hero and heroine

Wes and Tara meet on a windjammer cruise in the Caribbean when they are in their 20’s. They know that they have shared a fabulous night together talking and bonding and just enjoying each other’s company. Wes has a girlfriend and his sister is sure to let Tara know that at any lengths. It just isn’t the right time for these two. However neither of them will forget that one night they shared in the Caribbean while on that memorable cruise.

Fast Forward Years Later

Wes has been through hell, has lost someone he loves very much to a horrible disease, and bad luck strikes again as he watches his sister fight the monster known as breast cancer. He’s running a successful business. The last thing he expects is to run into that one woman that got away.

Tara is getting over a divorce that was less than enjoyable, just miserable for her. She is raising an incredible daughter on her own and puts 100% into that. She is trying to figure out how to be single. Dating in this day and age is so much different than it was when she was in her 20’s. Her friends encourage her to try the “dating apps” while, it’s totally not her scene, she engages anyway, only to realize what a disaster she’s stepped into. Tara quickly deletes all apps from her phone. However as we know once you put yourself out there on any social media site it can lead to trouble.

She and Wes re-connect through a work project. During the first meeting she thinks he doesn’t remember her…but he quickly let’s her know he does. They take things slow, finally get to know one another. Watching these two fall in love was beautiful. The connection they had all those years ago never went away.

The Do-Over checked off all my boxes for a solid 5 star read. Independent female heroine, fantastic mother to a wonderful teenage daughter. Wes, our beautiful hero. He’s perfect, loyal at all cost, and so damn sexy, those eyes and that hair! Look at the book cover folks!

*note- if you’ve not read anything by this talented author pick up Searching for Moore, it’s free on Amazon at the moment*


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