The Chase by Rhyannon Byrd

“a very satisfying, suspenseful read that 100% delivers in the hot sex department! ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: erotic Romance  | Series: The London Affair #2  | Publisher: Headline Eternal  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

This trilogy is set up like a serial, but luckily for us in North America, all three parts were released at once. So, I’ll send you back to my review of part one of The London Affair: The Weekend. Click the link and see my thoughts on Emmy and Jase. Spoiler Alert: I loved it! Go on, read it…I’ll wait.

As you can imagine, book 2: THE CHASE picks up right where The Weekend ended…as you do in serial land! Emmy gathered up her shattered heart and went home to California. It took Jase all of one hot minute to realize the terrible head up ass mistake he’d made and lucky for him, his best friend, Callum (whom, I hope we get his story Ms. Bryd because, hubba hubba!) had his back and took care of Emmy. Jase, shrugs off his seriously fucked up family, I mean this family is F U C K E D! And man…well, we’ll get to that but put it in your pocket because the level of family fucked-upness is important. Jase gets his business in order in London and sets off to get his girl back. With a lovely grovel and apology, Jase begins the wooing process. All Emmy wants, really, is for him to open up to her. Clearly, the sex/physical part of their relationship is spectacular – Rhyannon Bryd writes ridiculously hot sex – I mean smoking hot sex, holy cow! Because Jase’s family has him so fucked up, opening up emotionally comes much harder for him than opening up his sexual vulnerabilities. He loves her completely and until he’s able to give her the words, he more than gives her the actions. The sign of a well written erotic romance is having the sex grow the relationship. Their openness with each other, on a sexual front, is integral to the growth of their emotional relationship. It’s a lot of sex but really, it tells their story to some degree. It builds the trust they need and boy, they are about to see how much they need that trust because part 2 ends just as frustratingly abrupt as part 1! I’m telling you, thank the reading gods we get this all at once, otherwise, you guys would be climbing the walls with anticipation!

The hint? nah, let’s call it the threat, of impending doom and death ends THE CHASE and opens THE CONFESSION with a sucker punch to the gonads! Back in book 2, Jase made Emmy promise him to never leave him again and then that fucker leaves her. Well, good thing for us, and Jase, Emmy’s word is golden. After healing from the big cliffhanger “accident” at the end of book 2, Emmy gathers her gumption and heads back to London to get her man. Now, THE CONFESSION is my favorite in this trilogy. The intrigue and suspense in this portion of the show is seriously edge of your seat! I’ve hinted at Jase’s supremely shitty family, well, it all comes out in the book 3 wash. Terrible childhood secrets are exposed, shit I absolutely did not see coming. Holy. Cow. And the reveals just keep coming – no joke, so much happens in THE CONFESSION, I was completely entranced by the journey. Lies, deceit, sexual assaults, murder, the hits just keep coming at a realistically exhausting pace. Once the dam is breached, a lifetime of shit has to work itself out. It was one of those instances where you think you’ve got a book figured out only discover you need to take a seat and let the twisted mind of a creative writer just tell her damn story? Yeah, that happened!

As you’d expect, the sex in THE CONFESSION is just as explosive as the reveals. Sometimes you just need some life-affirming, no holds barred, blow your damn mind sex to excise the demons. Byrd will not disappoint and by the end, you might just be walking a little funny! The London Affair is honestly one of my favorite reads of 2017 – it has everything you could possibly want in a romance. It’s suspenseful, it’s twisted, it has its sweet moments, jaw-dropping moments and the erotic sex, lordy be, lordy be – well done Rhyannon Bryd! That Jase, his big cock and his love of eating at the Y, well…Emmy goes through a lot of shit but hot damn, she is greatly rewarded – I’m spent just thinking about it!

Emmy is a strong, determined and incredibly smart heroine. She is self-sufficient and not prone to histrionics at all, which you know is a win for me. Jase appears to have it all but man, he so doesn’t. His ability to love with a heart he really didn’t know he had, is a beautiful development. When the love of a good woman can break a strong, alpha man down and put him back together better than he imagined he could be, well, I love reading that shit. The secondary characters are a special entity in and of themselves. The good ones are great, the bad ones are all in 100% bad – again, we get to see that irredeemable villains are the best. I love it when the bad guys are just rotten to their core and make no apologies for it. It just makes for a better, more realistic read, no? Check out the chart below for the reading order. Get them all at once and settle in for a very satisfying, suspenseful read that 100% delivers in the hot sex department!

Reading Order

4 stars
4 stars
4.5 stars


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