Thanos by Ella Frank

“action and suspense in Thanos never lets up ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: paranormal romance/suspense  | Series: Masters Among Monsters #3  | Publisher: self publish  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

There are a couple of authors out there that are no-brainer-of-course-I’m-gonna-read-your-book-try-and-stop-me! Ella Frank would be one of those authors. I have enjoyed every word of her Masters Among Monsters trilogy and reading Thanos brought me right back into the world I’ve been missing. Here’s where I tell you the little detail of reading order – you must start with Alasdair, then Isadora and finally Thanos – they must be read in order. I mentioned in my review of Isadora that the devil is in the details, well, let me just say, those were prophetic words my friends!

I think the easiest way to tell you about this book is to give you a bit of the series hierarchy. The short version is, there was a mistake made, quell horreur, by a God, so three egocentric Gods decide to create demigods to rectify said overstep. Triggered at the age of twenty-six, these demigods become attracted to and attract some very powerful vampires – this attraction is supposed to lead to the destruction of the vampire race. That’s a nice, superficial nutshell of what we have going on.

Many, many moons ago, Vasilios, Diomedes and Eton or the OG vamps as I call them, beget Alasdair, Isadora and Thanos, the first sires. They are forever connected and if one dies, so does the other, along with the vampire race. Alasdair, Isadora and Thanos encounter Leo, Elias and Paris and the plan set in place by Apollo, Artemis and Hades falls into place. What our Gods failed to consider was, what if these vampires they created actually had the emotional capability to love. Not just lusty love, but the everlasting love that would inspire a vampire to change, to become a better person, to feel something other than base needs. Tricky thing that free will, no? We saw in previous books how this all played out for Alasdair and Isadora and their respective Originals, now we get Thanos and Eton’s story.

Thanos and Eton are a bit different – I think it might be safe to say Eton is somewhat like the original sin…his dark side is akin to the Grim Reaper and his God connection is Hades. Eton is not like our other originals -he needs Thanos in a way that is more dire than the connection Vasilios and Diomedes have for their first sires. Thanos, way back in the day, not only laid with men but he was also a pain inflicting Dom. Eton requires Thanos to literally beat the beast of badness into submission to keep him at an even keel. Remember, Eton is connected to Hades and well, H-E-double hockey sticks is a tough neighborhood. Eton’s bloodlust is so dire, so wanton, so all consuming, Thanos literally keeps the human race alive with his regular beatings, for millennia.     Never once do you get any indication that Thanos and Eton have this level of darkness inside them – never ever judge a book by it’s cherubic and beautiful cover. You can bet good money on it always being the fucking pretty quiet ones that are the most fucked up.

In Isadora’s book, we see Elias supremely fuck up Thanos. Next to death, Thanos is saved by having half of his face literally carved off…needless to say, when he wakes from this hell, he is none too pleased. He’d hoped death would’ve taken him but now he’s pissed right the fuck off that he will be forced to live with this brutal outcome for the rest of forever. This revelation was the final straw for Thanos and he cut himself off from Eton…Eton’s fragile ego couldn’t handle this rejection so he releases the Kraken and all fucking hell breaks loose. As you read this, it’s as if you can see the Gods watching and rubbing their hands together like nasty old Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life. They know they are about to set things to rights, finally. Mission accomplished is so close they can taste it. We are off to the races my friends and the action and suspense in Thanos never lets up.

I think I’ve given you a fair assessment of the book without giving too much away. As I said, you must read the other two books first, doing that will not be a burden because Ella Frank writes in such a soothing way, the brutal world builds around you with you ever truly realizing it. There are tons of layers, no one is who they seem to be on the outside and the flashbacks, good gravy the flashbacks are riveting. I’m talking edge of your seat, page turner riveting. The story is so creative, it boggles the mind in all the right ways. The characters, while completely outlandish are remarkably real. They jump off the pages to show you their stories. It’s amazing writing and Ella Frank should be very proud of what she’s created.

The ending was not at all what I expected. By the time I made it to the final 15% of the book, up was down, down was up, left was right and right was wrong. As a reader, I could only hold on and trust the journey. When I finally got to the epilogue I still had no idea what was going to happen but of course Ms. Frank brought it all home for us. Amazing. If you must know, my final thought was literally, “fuck me, look what she just did.” Just as Leo was for Alasdair and ultimately Vasilios, Paris was the light for Thanos and exactly what Eton needed at just the right time. Hats off to Ella Frank. This is not your typical paranormal romance, and yet love and a happily ever after is the core of this series. Nicely played author lady, very nicely played.


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