Tate by Ella Frank

“exquisite storytelling ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary - m/m  | Series: Temptation #5  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

Tate and Logan are two of my most favorite people in romancelandia. I love these two men separately and I don’t even have the proper words to express how I feel about them as a couple. Ella Frank created two of the best men I’ve ever read. They are beautiful, inside and out. Their love is pure and forever. It’s respectful, it’s gracious, and it is so hot, even after all these years, their love is, in a word, legendary.

We’ve watched Tate and Logan grow as a couple over the years/series. TATE is more of that progression. Sometimes it is easy for a person to become complacent when the relationship is good. That’s not to say Tate and Logan have gone stale, just the opposite, in fact, they are hotter than ever. But, it is easy to get into a groove and by doing so, you might neglect things you need to work on within yourself. Does that make sense? You feel so good where you are, you might ignore some things that need a little work behind the scenes. It’s much easier to cocoon yourself in your bubble of ecstasy¬†and love instead of oh, I don’t know…confronting your spiteful sister, or dealing with your marriage fears. Now, I’m no relationship expert by any stretch, but I think true love, unwavering true love, gives you the strength you need to face your demons. Knowing you have a partner at your side is the balm you need to move forward instead of spinning your wheels. Both of these men have some shit from their past they need to grapple with. It’s not a shortcoming, it’s a human condition – it’s how we all grow and move forward in life. And, to think your relationship is going to be all unicorn glitter and sunshine forever, without a stumble is even more unrealistic than purple alien dragon invaders with two barbed cocks. All relationships stumble but it goes back to that foundation, that trust, that unwavering love. Okay, enough with the deep – it’s a good fucking story and if you’re not already reading this series, get off your ass and get to it.(ps – don’t @ me, I’m not hating on dragon shifters, I love dragon shifters and for all I know, they might actually be real!)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, even louder for the people in the back…Ella Frank could teach a master class in writing sex. She gives you every single raw, explicit, sweet, dirty, loving emotion in each encounter. It’s ridiculous. All I’m going to say about this particular book is, there is a scene…at a construction site, against a column, with Logan in one of his suits. I may never be the same. I’m ruined and I’m not mad about it.

I refer to this portion of the Temptation series, as phase 2 for Tate and Logan. TATE gives us a brief catch up with some characters we know and love from their past as well as teasing us with some new-ish folks. I see an enemies to lovers story a’brewin’ and it’s going to be explosive when Frank sets them off. Bring it. The end of TATE had me literally clutching my chest and sobbing – the exquisite storytelling nearly broke me but in all the right ways. Tate and Logan always pack an emotional punch, always and Frank did not disappoint with this installment. I’m so excited to see the rest of this play out.


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