Stormchaser by Cherry Adair

“I'm gonna share my concerns... ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: romantic suspense  | Series: Cutter Cay #4  | Publisher: St. Martin's Press  | Source: NetGalley  | GoodReads

I’m pretty sure this is my first book by Cherry Adair and yes, I realize, I’m jumping in with the 4th book in her Cutter Cay series. Have no fear, I did my research and I’m pretty well up to speed on the books that came before this one. Honestly, even if I hadn’t done my research, I think it is safe for a reader to jump into the series at this point. Jonah Cutter is the half brother of the other Cutters we’ve met so far. His dad…their dad, was good to Jonah, where he was absentee and terrible with the other guys. Oddly enough, Jonah is the kid from the other woman, not his wife and yet he doted on him and his mother, something good Jonah’s half siblings never felt. Life with a dad like that didn’t leave Jonah unscathed, he has a strong hatred of cheaters, liars and drunks and a deep seated need to prove his worth to his siblings. All of this brings us to Stormchaser. Like his brothers, Jonah is a salvage hunter…is that what we call it? It’s what I’m calling it – he seeks out wrecked ships and salvages the lost cargo. When Jonah discovered his latest salvage he found much more than he originally bargained for. See, Jonah thinks he’s found the remains of the lost city of Atlantis buried beneath his found treasure trove of a shipwreck. Enter Dr. Calista West, the most noted official on all things Atlantis and kickass researcher of salvaged treasures. Jonah brings Callie onboard because she is the leading authority and best person around to debunk all things Atlantis, she’s dedicated her life to debunking crazy Atlantis theories. If he can convince her of his find, well then…that’s saying something big, right?

Now you’re thinking…Scandal…this sounds really interesting, why the low rating. Well, sit tight, I’m gonna share my concerns and I’m going to do so without spilling any spoilers, in case you want to check it out for yourself. It’s going to seem like I’m telling you everything that happens in this book, but trust me when I tell you, I’m only scratching the surface of this twisty book. Ok, Jonah is tall, dark and charismatically handsome, and Callie is an intelligent, all business, aloof beauty. There is an immediate and palpable attraction between these two that almost feels paranormal in it’s intensity. Like something else is working to pull these two together. Problem number one…Callie is the widowed sister in law to the Cutter’s biggest rival and arch nemesis, Rydell Case. I find it exceptionally difficult to believe, such a small niche group of interests could over look or miss the fact that Callie has connections, strong familial connections to a man hellbent on bringing the Cutter family down. However, I was so intrigued by the bigger promise of this book, I allowed myself to suspend disbelief on this little nugget, just to see what else was going to happen. Callie is working for Rydell Case to help sabotage Jonah’s salvage mission and she wears her old wedding band to throw any attractions off her scent. Remember, Jonah hates a cheat. Callie realizes very quickly that fighting this pull towards Jonah is a hopeless battle and she eventually tells him her husband is dead…which is the truth but I think she lies about the cause of death – I’m pretty sure that happens but I have no idea why she’d lie about it. Any hoots, once Jonah knows she’s free and clear, the sex happens. And it happens a lot – I mean more than a lot, like, yet again, a paranormal amount of a lot of sex. Jonah’s refractory period is indeed supernatural! No joke. The whole time they are getting closer, physically and emotionally, you just know the shit is going to hit the fan when it comes out that she’s there to fuck him up for her BIL. Yeah, she is going to pound town on the regular and her loyalties are still mixed up and confused…if anything, I’d say Rydell has an edge.

So, the more they investigate the possibility of Atlantis, the more crazy shit happens, again…seemingly paranormal type shit – weird weather patterns, strange underwater occurrences, communication systems FUBAR and some monks on a neighboring island that seem much older than they look. The level of detail in this book is strikingly thorough. This book is clearly, painstakingly well researched. I mean pages of descriptions of columns, mosaic tiles and found deep sea objects. I can’t lie, it was boring as fuck but I stuck with it because I felt surely it must mean something at the end of the book. Well, no.

Then we get to, what some would call the big bad. You know, the point, around 80% where all hell breaks loose and we have the last part of the book to make amends. In one fell swoop, Jonah learns of Callie’s Rydell connection and the literal walls of Atlantis start collapsing around them. Hugely suspenseful, let me tell you – Adair writes a race from sure death in a way that kept me on the edge of my seat, rapidly turning pages. The suspense was extraordinary. And again, skirting the edges is that uniquely paranormal feel. I mean, we are still talking about Atlantis. Literally seconds before the walls start to crumble, Jonah’s faith in Callie is completely and utterly destroyed, his heart is shattered by her betrayal. Being the good man he is, of course he helps her escape certain death. They make it back to the ship, but barely and guess what…she says she loves him, he agrees and that is that. THAT IS THAT. She lied to him, was going to betray him to his biggest enemy and THAT is fucking THAT? Her pussy must have a Midas touch because are you fucking kidding me? I’ve made my loved ones apologize more for spilling water on the counter than what I read. What a fucking let down. Oh, and Atlantis…was it Atlantis? Was there something paranormal happening? Did the nearby island monks die when all hell broke loose? Who the fuck knows…that is that, and they sail away. All of this build up, all of this detail, all of these beautiful descriptions, oh, and don’t forget all of these fucking secondary characters we had to keep straight and that is that. Boom, annnnnd end scene. What a fucking letdown. So here’s the other ridiculously crazy thing. The next book, Hurricane, is out soon and it’s Rydell’s story. I’m gonna read it. I need to see if we get any sort of closure for this story. Any further explanation. I don’t think this was written as a cliffhanger, the characters seem pretty content with the ending, but I sure as hell didn’t. I need to know more and my fingers are crossed Rydell’s story gives it to me. Can’t lie, I read some reviews…and I don’t see any hint of the closure I’m looking for but I’m going to investigate it myself. I’ll report back.


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