Somebody's Baby by Donna Alward

“Alward paces the romance in a way that feels realistic. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary  | Series: Darling, VT #3  | Publisher: St. Martin's Press  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

I enjoyed Somebody Like You, I loved Someone to Love and now we get Somebody’s Baby and well, I’m still not disappointed or tired of Darling, VT! The matriarch of the Gallagher family must be over the moon with all of her progeny finding love on that kissing bridge! Somebody’s Baby gives us Rory Gallagher and Oaklee Ferguson’s story and as I expected,  it is just lovely.

Rory and Oaklee have history. Rory was her older brother Cam’s best friend in high school. Yep, we get the older brother’s best friend trope with this one so of course she’s been crushing on him since puberty and Cam decked him that one time he caught Rory checking her out back in the day. Rory and Oaklee went away to different colleges, fell desperately in love with the wrong people and had their hearts absolutely crushed. Now they are back in Darling, VT and putting on their happy faces. To say these two are carrying baggage would be a ginormous understatement. Neither one is ready to open their hearts again and neither has been completely honest with anyone about what devastated them. The baggage is not just there, it’s bottled up, suppressed and aching to get out. Also, neither Rory nor Oaklee can deny their chemistry, it’s palpable when they are around each other. Lordy, just go for it man, stop being the older brother’s best friend and embrace the woman in front of you!

So, they say in television and movies you should never work with babies or animals because they will completely upstage you. Rory is a vet…and Oaklee is fostering the stray dog, Buster, she hit with her car. Buster is the first warm body Oaklee has let near her bed and more importantly, in her heart since her ex left her at the alter. Buster, is the star of this show, he makes Oaklee open herself back up to the possibility of love. Man, pets are the best aren’t they? It’s like they know exactly what you need.

I’ve said it before but it should be repeated, the reason I enjoy this series so much is because Alward paces the romance in a way that feels realistic. There’s no insta-love and people don’t seem to rush into anything and they talk things out in a way that makes the process seem even more believable. On multiple occasions Rory and Oaklee have real, genuine heart to heart conversations, stories get shared and hard questions get asked but just like real life, you can’t always answer some of the hard questions right there on the spot. These two are okay taking a beat, pulling back, so they can get it right. They’ve known each other too long and have too much respect for each other to treat their burgeoning relationship in a flighty manner. Somehow, Alward does this without breaking the flow of the story and she doesn’t make the heat falter, if that makes sense. She builds the tension with these breaks, you know they love each other but she makes them do the work on themselves before they get together. There is no magic peen or pus to solve their problems – Rory and Oaklee have to get their own shit straight on their own.

It should also be noted, Rory is a little slower to get there and he fucks up a bit. You know what that means, right? Grovel city and he does it for the whole interwebs to see. It’s kinda awesome and the best possible way to get his social media queen back where they both want to be. I love a nicely worded grovel in 140 characters or less.

I hope we get more of this crazy Gallagher family, there are three girls in that brood that need their stories told. Also, it’s cool how pretty much all of these stories are happening simultaneously – we get little snippets of the two previous stories happening during Rory & Oaklee’s journey. There’s always a lot going on during a Gallagher family dinner so pay attention!


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