Rule Changer by Sienna Snow

“Sienna Snow’s latest will make all of you BDSM lovers a happy reader! ”

by TJ
The Deets Genre: Erotica  | Series: Rule of Engagement #3  | Publisher: Forever Yours  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

RULE CHANGER is the third and final installment of the Rules of Engagement series. Like the others, it’s a fast-paced, erotic, suspenseful, kinky thrill ride. I’ve said this before and I will say it again.  I don’t read much BDSM, simply because, hey I’m a vanilla girl and I don’t get off on being flogged, or whacked with a Cat o nine thingymajig. Furthermore, I am not gonna let my man tie me up while he takes a few smacks at me with said objects…ANDA safeword!! What the hell?!? if I don’t like what’s going on with the hanky panky I simply say, ummm NO that ain’t working for me dude so stop. There are rules that need to be followed for this level of kink.  Having said all of this, my thoughts are whatever turns you on, and if it’s consensual, have at it!  I mean who am I to judge what level of kink works for certain folks?  Anyhoo let’s chat about Thomas and Carmen.

We know from the first two books in this series that Carmen Dane is a confident Domme, she likes the control it gives her. She feels that’s one aspect of her incredibly stressful and busy life that she can control. That is until she meets sexy Master Thomas Regala. She reluctantly gives full control to him only to be crushed and heartbroken by him. Thomas chose his controlling, judgmental grandfather over the woman he was falling in love with. He threw some ugly words at her and she disappeared from his life with secrets she doesn’t plan to reveal.

Thomas realizes how bad he messed up and has been trying to get back into Carmen’s life. So what’s a Dom to do? Well, he becomes a submissive for his love or tries to anyway. He loves her and is fighting for his family so he gives up control to please her.  Deep down they both know who is in control. He is so patient with her.  But I felt his inner turmoil while he tried to stay in control. I mean once a Dom always a Dom, right?

I think I enjoyed RULE CHANGER more than the others. Two Dominant’s falling in love and trying to make it work was quite the challenge. Carmen Is just as stubborn and trying as the rest of the intelligent women in this crew. A few times I wanted to shake her and say “look dude is clearly in love with you, so stop with the pushing away shenanigans”  

RULE CHANGER has lots of hot sexy times that will have you fanning yourself, as well as hanging onto the seat of your pants suspenseful times. Sienna Snow’s latest will certainly make all of you BDSM lovers a happy reader. Perfect end to a fantastic kinky series.

*note- can be read as a stand-alone but I would not recommend it*

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