Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

“...there's a big ass devil hidden in the details so pay attention ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary  | Series: Chaos #4.5  | Publisher: 1001 Dark Nights  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

Strap in friends, as the title implies, this one is definitely a ROUGH RIDE! If you are a fan of the Chaos series, then this is a must-read for you. However, I realize this novella can possibly be read as a standalone, I would not recommend you jump into this well-established series here. There is a lot going on, bubbling up underneath our HEA that demands your attention. Start at the beginning of this series, and take copious notes because you’re gonna need them!

Thank fucking god Rosalie finally gets her HEA. Shy did her dirty in the first book and man, when we dig in deep with this novella and learn all about Rosalie’s past and her motivations, yeah, it’s rough. Rosalie is a good person, she’s an excellent heroine and she fully understands the nuances of motorcycle club life. Be warned, some Tarentino level bad shit goes down with Rosalie right from the jump. Again, the title of ROUGH RIDE absolutely fits.

Now, I have some strong feelings about our hero, Snap. Spoiler alert: those strong feelings are all good. We don’t deserve Snap. Rosalie totally does but I’m not sure we deserve his goodness! Snap is the strong, silent type – more comfortable staying in to read a good book, than carousing with his brothers. He is gone for Rosalie and he has been gone for her since Shy did her dirty. When the big bad goes down with Rosalie, Snap handles her with painstakingly beautiful care. I mean Marcus with Daisy level of beauty. Fuck me Snap is a good man, a fucking saint if you ask me. And Rosalie so deserves that kind of goodness in her life. For Chaos fans, the core of this story, Rosalie and Snap’s HEA is not just a necessary read, it is exactly what you want. Bonus, while I’d classify him as the “silent type” Snap is a talker with his woman – he uses both is words and his actions to heal Rosalie’s wounds. Snap is a thoughtful, insightful character that will easily win your heart. Kristen Ashley might be famous for her grunty caveman-esque Alpha men but never forget, these men have huge hearts. The scant few that actually express that heart with something other than actions have always blown me away with their sincerity. Snap might be the best one yet. She gives them words and insights that honestly feel like they could heal all of the wrongs in the world.

Let’s move to the underlying plot line that bubbles to the surface towards the end of this novella. I’ll come clean and willingly admit I am shit with names. Even in real life, I’m more likely to call you an endearment than your actual name, sorry, it has always been a problem for me – I can recite your life’s history but I’ll stumble over your name – I guess I’m more big picture that way!? As you can imagine, a motorcycle club has a crap ton of characters. For me, they often blend into each other. I’m never really sure where I need to file them on the priority list in my memory. So many names. I should’ve taken better notes starting back at book one. I will admit I had to consult the Oracle, Nikki, to help me sift through all of the names mentioned. The bulk of this confusion comes towards the end of ROUGH RIDE. The epilogue is long and it is tough with a lot to unpack. We are definitely getting the set up for the next book while progressing the bigger story of Benito and all of his trouble. I’m not going to spoil anything but pay attention, close attention – I can’t help but feel Kristen Ashley is hiding a big ass devil in the details somewhere. But it’s all so vague and confusing, I can’t lie, all of the names lost me more than a couple of times. Again, thank goodness for Nikki’s big brain with its eidetic memory.  Like I said, there is a lot to unpack in the epilogue and some of the transitions are not as smooth as I’d like…again, following with the ROUGH RIDE theme, perhaps? There is a bit of a data dump, really, but it’s all really vague, by design, I’m sure but still, frustrating. Benito is a bad guy, the worst, but he is not at all what or who we think he is…at least I think that’s what I’m supposed to glean from the epilogue. Hound is up next and I’m going to give you homework. Brush up on Black’s story, it’s important, very important for the forward movement of this plot. I had to go back and refresh my memory of that. Hound has a giant mountain to climb, and I’m fearful the foundation of the club is on shaky ground and that is going to make his already seemingly impossible climb even harder. Kristen Ashley is setting us up for a dynamic series conclusion and nobody is safe. Vague enough a teaser for you? You’re welcome! Now go get to reading so we can figure this out together!


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  • Emma says:

    Hey Scandal!
    I was just wondering, if you knew what the reference to the package on the picnic table was referring to?
    I can’t for the life of me remember if i’ve Read about this or if it’s maybe something to come.
    Thanks, Emma!

    • Scandal says:

      I think the package on the picnic table you are referring to is something to come and I think it is going to be especially terrible. But, that’s just me…and my theories talking!

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