Pregnant by the Billionaire by Karen Booth

“Karen Booth...[is} my go-to happy time read... ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: category romance  | Series: The Locke Legacy series  | Publisher: Harlequin Desire  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

Karen Booth and her category romances from Harlequin Desire are my go-to happy time reads. They just do not disappoint. One reason is that they are fast paced, easy reading, trope-city, fun books. The bigger reason is, I trust Booth to tell me a story with fleshed out characters, cast in unbelievable situations that end up feeling wildly plausible. And, AND, she writes exceptionally hot sexy times!

Kendall Ross and Sawyer Locke met six weeks ago, clicked and had some incredibly¬†hot, and somewhat scandalous hotel sex. Deep down, Kendall knew she wanted more than a one-night bone session but being a touch old fashioned, she decided to wait until Sawyer called. Sawyer, Mr. Commitment-phobe, when given the opportunity to drown himself in his work, ignored the ball sitting in his court. Dense man. His reasons being: 1) work is his top priority and 2) time spent with Kendall rocked his world and he wasn’t quite sure how to process that feeling in his chest so…let’s focus on work and ignore the wonderful opportunity the fates have presented. Cut to six weeks later and Sawyer’s life’s work project is in dire need of PR and guess who ends up sitting across the conference room table pitching her PR firm’s abilities. Yep…trope city, don’t you love it?!!?

On the very day Kendall decides to cut out all men forever, none other than hot man, one-night bone session dude is looking all sexy across the table. She knows what he’s packing under that expensive suit and she likes the way he works it…and her. Lordy, the tension. Kendall also has a boss with a strict, no fraternizing with the clients rule. Oops, too late for that. Ok, I’m going to stop here and offer this cautionary tale: birth control and antibiotics do not mix. Seriously, every time that happens in a book I think to myself, “doesn’t that girl have any girlfriends that have dropped that truth bomb on her at least once in her lifetime?” Told’ya…trope city and it is glorious!

Now, Kendall and Sawyer both have some damn shitty baggage they’re toting around. Nothing about this situation is easy and Booth throws in some unscrupulously wicked bad guy villains to muck up the works. From Kendall’s sleazy co-worker to Sawyer’s own dad, every obstacle in the world gets thrown at them. Not only does Booth give us some great character development and some hallelujah¬†come to Jesus talks, she also grants us entry into the Locke siblings’ inner sanctum. There’s more where Sawyer came from and I fear they are equally, if not more fucked up! Little Secrets: Holiday Baby Bombshell is sister Charlotte Locke’s story. The delivery date on that little nugget is November 7, 2017! Stay tuned for more Locke Legacy!


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