On Second Thought by Kristan Higgins

“Hello, book hangover, it’s been a while. ”

by Hope
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When you start a Kristan Higgins book, you know what you are getting into.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will walk away having a new fictional best friend.  You will want to head straight to the Pound to pick out an adorable mutt.  But what I wasn’t expecting as I dug into her newest release was to fall into the story, the lives, the triumphs and the tragedies of these characters as much as I did.  Listen.  I LOVE Kristan Higgins.  Love, love.  She is one of my top go to authors.  But she has blown me away with her last two releases.  BLOWN.  ME.  AWAY.   Hello, book hangover, it’s been a while.

In On Second Thought, we follow the lives of sisters Kate and Ainsley O’Leary.  These two women are not that close when the story starts.  There is an age gap and they are very different individuals.  But things happen to both of them that will make them closer, learn to rely on each other, each giving and receiving from the other…oh, and make your heart break.  Oh, the heartbreak!  And the tears!  Never fear though because Higgins waves her magical literary wand and we are laughing and crying at the same time, and it’s all good.  No joke, there is a reason this woman is my favorite.

The evolving relationship between Kate and Ainsely and the people that are in their lives is a beautiful thing.  As you watch them lean on each other and make each other stronger you just want to dive into the pages and yell…I’m here too, I can help, I’ll pour you some more wine!  I just can’t get over how much I grew to love these characters but I shouldn’t be surprised that I want to be their best friend.  I’ve read every Higgins novel; I know what she is capable of.

Let me tell you, this book is not just a story, it is a journey.  The healing and the growth are just breathtaking.

We also get signature Higgins quirky characters.  The Grandmother that is on Tinder, the mom that is so in unrequited love with her husband she gets a PhD and becomes a self help columnist after marrying, divorcing, marrying him again and raising his love child, the Hot HOT firefighter and his multi flavor love life, the blog posts, the dogs, the friends and don’t forget THE TOWN!  Don’t ever forget the town.  On Second Thought is set in the fictional town of Cambry-on-Hudson, a NYC suburb, and it is the second book in which she used that setting.  Her first was If You Only Knew and for inquiring minds, was just as fantastic.  Also worth noting, there are things that would be considered spoilers if your didn’t read IYOK first, even though both of these books stand-alone.  We do meet up with a few of the characters that appeared in IYOK and we get some updates on others.

This book is such a beautiful story.  As with typical Higgins, we get closed door sexy times.  And I would say this is not a typical romance read, more of a woman’s fictional read with a splash of romance.  This book is real life.  (Or at least, and unfortunately to me, real fictional life seeing as I want to live in it!)  Higgins never ceases to amaze me.  Every time, I shake my head and wonder how she does it.  I love an easy to read book with heart.  And DAMN, if she doesn’t deliver every single time.  If you have never read a Kristan Higgins novel, I highly recommend them.  Any of them, but especially this one; the one where she had me forgetting she introduced me to that motherfucker Lucas in Waiting On You.  See?  Magic literary wand.


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