Just One Taste by Kimberly Kincaid

“this novella that has a little bit of tropiness for everyone! ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary romance w/food  | Series: Pine Mountain #4.5  | Source: self purchase  | GoodReads

I’m back on the foodie train with this novella that has a little bit of tropiness for everyone! Okay, where to start, where to start? Jesse, we met him in the kitchen in Adrian’s book, Fire Me Up…he was the quiet guy, learning the ropes and doing everything in his power to help Teagan save her dad’s bar. You could immediately see Jesse for the very good guy he is to be. I’m happy he gets some love in this novella!

Kat is an Army brat, she moved around a lot in her youth and having her own space, a space she can count on as home is very important to her. Needless to say, she is a strong, capable woman doing her own thing…and then a water main break in her apartment complex leaves her, well, kinda’ homeless…and that hot, quiet neighbor down the way too, he’s without a place to stay as well. Oh darn, what will they do?!!?

But Scandal, where are the tropes you mentioned in that first paragraph? Well, let me break it down, Jesse had a shitty upbringing and feels less than when he compares himself to Kat’s big brain and copious degrees. Also, Jesse was in the Army, a medic, with Kat’s brother so we have the whole “my good friend that saved my ass, can’t be attracted to his sister” trope. But maybe, just maybe…said brother set these two up on a love collision course! Maybe, just maybe people need to not worry so much about the past and get on with living and loving the life they deserve.

Okay that’s deep so I’ll bring it back to Scandalicious land with the sex talk. If anyone ever tells you it’s too hard to write consent as sexy, please direct them to this book. It’s subtle but pay attention. Consent is so fucking sexy and Jesse reaffirming consent along the foreplay path of their first sexual encounter was…well…let me just loudly say for the people in the back…CONSENT IS SEXY! Good lord, Kincaid does a very nice job with some seriously hot consent. We should probably demand all authors take a class in writing consent like this. Like I said, it’s subtle but clearly I picked up on it and I enjoyed it very much.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for Just One Taste. I think this series is worth the time investment but you know me, I like food…and apparently explicit consent flips my switch, too! Have you read this series? Do you have a series you love that is food-centric? What about consent, have you read a sex scene that really stood out to you for it’s inclusion of explicit consent? Let’s chat about it in the comments…


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  • I’m so glad you loved Jesse and Kat! (I love them too, but you know, I am biased!) Have you tried Louisa Edwards and Kate Meader for other sexy food series? I loooooove them both (Edwards’s hero Beck, in Hot Under Pressure, is one of my all-time faves)

    • Scandal says:

      I have read Kate Meader and I’m currently trying to work more of her deliciousness into my schedule. Louisa Edwards is new to me but your rec has me one clicking posts haste!

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