Ironic by Harper Miller

“This book is short but it is mighty! ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: erotica, erotic comedy  | Series: The Kinky Connect Chronicles #1  | Source: author supplied  | GoodReads

Every damn year I meet the coolest people at the RT Booklovers Convention. This year in Atlanta I found myself in line behind Harper Miller. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me. Naturally, I picked up a conversation with her…I’m chatty like that, shocking, I know. Looking back on our encounter, I have to laugh. I introduced myself, told her about my blog. She introduced herself and told me about her books. I said, oh, those sound fun, I’d like to read them. She gave me slightly skeptical look and asked me if I read kinky stuff, and POC books, that sort of thing. I assured her I could more than handle it…I mean we were waiting to talk to Tiffany Reisz for fuck’s sake. Maybe I come across as a touch matronly, a bit prim and proper, any hoots, we exchanged info. Low and behold, a few weeks later, an email arrived and I was finally introduced to the seriously filthy Harper Miller mind! Score!!

This book might be short but it is mighty. IRONIC is an erotic short story and it packs a lot into 33 pages. Now, I’ve been around enough authors and written enough to know,  33 pages might not sound like a lot – but, when done correctly, it can be everything. Actually, I think it takes a hell of a lot of talent to tell a complete story, that quickly. Miller spares nothing in creating relatable, clever, quick-witted, sexy characters you can’t help but want more of. Mimi is a lawyer, she’s single and work has her stressed. She needs to blow off some steam with a no strings attached banging. Now, Mimi has her own kinda kink and she embraces it. Mimi is one self-assured, empowered woman. She logs onto a website, kinda’ like a kinky themed Tinder and proceeds to search for someone to scratch that itch she needs scratching to soothe the demons (that’s what my hubs calls it, “soothe the demons”, with music, sex, you know, shut down the brain for a bit and just live in the pleasurable moment.) Enter Aden, our mystery man online looking for a meet up. Hummm, would this be called a “meet-kink” instead of a “meet-cute” situation? I think so. The banter is fun, the dialogue is crisp and things proceed nicely to our seriously hot sex. These two have some crazy chemistry and I can’t help but hope they find a way to turn this into more than a one and done bang. Alas, that’s what they both signed up for. No strings, just really hot sex. (If you’re keeping score, I suppose technically you can’t classify this under romance, hence the tag as erotica) I will say this, while IRONIC is a complete story that I very much enjoyed, I wouldn’t be mad about a full-length book with Mimi and Aden. I’m telling you, Miller crafts compelling characters that linger in your brain long after you’ve finished their story. I’ll also say, add this one to your list to read before bedtime, it might inspire you to do some fun things.

Harper Miller created a website: Kinky Singles Connect. Go there and check it out. She has “profiles” of her characters and they don’t suck. Also, it’s a rather educational site – I’m not even going to lie, I had to Urban Dictionary a few terms. That’s not to say I hadn’t heard of some of these terms, I just never realized the ummm, proper name for “docking” your dick and another man’s foreskin. Now I know and I feel like I have a rainbow PSA image above my head! The More You Know… Now that I have Harper Miller on my radar, I’m going to read her back catalog and also check out the rest of her Kinky Connect Chronicles. Three fucking cheers for a slow moving RT line!


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