Icing on the Cake by Ann Marie Walker

“I simply adored this story ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary  | Series: Wild Wedding #2  | Publisher: Swerve  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

We all love a good Royal Watch, don’t you think? Whether it’s watching royal baby bumps grow or impending nuptials, a good Royal Watch does not go ignored. Now, when you toss a regular old American chick into the royal mix, well, that is literally the stuff dreams are made of, no? Ann Marie Walker gives us a taste of small-town American girls meets Royal heir to the throne Prince in her latest release ICING ON THE CAKE and I found their story simply delicious.

Cassie Miller is an accountant turned baker visiting a small southern town to make her brother’s wedding cake. To say her love life is DOA would be an understatement. I mean, the poor girl has cobwebs rolling around like tumbleweed in her panties. That’s okay, she’s laser-focused on getting her bakery up and running back home and nothing is going to get in her way. Well damn, look at that fella, with a sexy accent and a dimple…trouble.

Prince Henry, or Hank as he’s going by this fateful weekend, is in town to witness his college buddy tie the knot. Prince Henry is completely overwhelmed with the trajectory of his life. He’s never one to buck tradition, and he is grateful for his lot in life but, the guy just needs a minute to be a normal human, without all of the pomp and circumstance for a little while. Getting lost in this quaint small town for the weekend with a tugged down baseball hat and nary a care in the world is just the ticket. When Hank stumbles into the bakery Cassie is renting out for the weekend, the sparks, as well as the scent of burnt cupcakes, fill the air. Maybe Hank can get lost in this sexy red-head too, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

We got a glimpse of Cassie when her bestie starred in the first book of this series, BLACK TIE OPTIONAL. While there are some overlapping characters and relationships, each book can easily be read as a stand-alone. I was more than able to jump right in with this book and never miss a beat. I have to say, the pacing of this story, and the humor that pops up around each corner is making me want to readjust my reading list so I can go back to how it all started.

ICING ON THE CAKE is a couple of things that flip my switch. First off, with “Hank” hiding under his hat, you know this is going to be a mistaken identity/slightly deceiving/omitting the truth situation. Sure, Hank, and even Cassie’s brother should’ve come clean much earlier but really, where’s the sport in that? Plus, no one could’ve predicted the big shoe that drops and messes everything up. Secondly, this is a one night stand gone terribly right story. If you know my history at all, you know I have a soft spot for a good one night stand that ends in true love. Just saying, when books hit close to home, it makes the characters all the more relatable…and my dude is a prince in his own mind, so there’s that! At their core, both Cassie and Hank have some deep-seated trust issues. Parents, even inadvertently, can really fuck a kid up and their relationships with their kids early on definitely build the foundations for all future relationships. Therapy is your friend.

There are more than a couple of instances in ICING ON THE CAKE that will make you suspend disbelief, it is a work of fiction, after all, so just go with it. I mean, I’m not really buying the heir to the throne’s security detail would give him the leeway his did. I’m also not sure the hayloft scene is realistic in its set up…I mean, it’s beautiful and the sex that goes down in it is outstanding…deep…really deep, emotional…gasp-inducing but what do I know, I’m not hooking up with a full-blown prince, maybe they can make crazy romantic shit like that happen with the snap of a finger (if so, Meghan Markle will forever have a smile on her face, just sayin’). I’m also not completely sure how they will make this long distance, both in the throes of meaningful careers they can’t and shouldn’t give up but I for one think love will prevail! Hopefully, there’s a third book coming our way that follows up on that detail. Lord knows Walker gives us some spectacularly colorful secondary characters that 100% deserve a good HEA, too! Even with a fair amount of head-scratching, I simply adored this story. It was a fun, light-hearted yet remarkably deep story filled with humor and romance. Walker does a wonderful job crafting this fairytale while developing the characters to the point that you can’t help but root for their HEA. Love at first lay will always be near and dear to me, toss in a sexy dimpled Prince and a woman that knows her way around a pastry and you’ll always have a winner in my book!


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