Holding on Tighter by Shayla Black

“Why oh why have I waited so long to read this author's work? ”

by TJ
The Deets Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM  | Series: Wicked Lovers #12  | Publisher: Berkley  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads


Not really sure why I’ve never read anything by this author. Furthermore, I’m not quite sure why I chose to start with book 12 in the series. This woman has a huge backlog, which I will be visiting sooner rather than later. I loved this book and never felt any confusion in the story even though it was the last book in the series. Each can be read as a stand alone but I’m sure preferred to read in order.

So let’s chat about this phenomenal suspenseful erotic tale

Jolie is at the top of her game in the fashion industry, runs her own business and is a take charge, no nonsense kind of women. She has zero problems calling folks out on their inability to do the job she expects out of her employees. Jolie is looking for an investor so she can expand her already successful business. Due to a random break in as well as a few unexplainable, mysterious and threatening goings on in her company she is advised to hire a head security guy.

Enter sexy security British badass

She hires Heath Powell, the filthy talking sexier than hell Brit. All of the ladies want him, especially Jolie’s naive little sister whom Jolie is very protective of and for warranted reasons. She’s not having any of it. She kinda spies on Heath one night, follows him to a club to tell him to stay away from her little sister. She happens to stumble upon him in the midst of him hooking up with a random chick. As she watches Heath take said random girl upstairs for a quickie. She gets pissed confronts the confident man (when he finishes- of course, that would be rude to interrupt him having sex right??)  he actually doesn’t apologize for his actions. He’s not in a committed relationship, he’s not in a relationship whatsoever for that matter, so no harm no foul right?!? Plus he wrapped up his goods, so again he doesn’t feel the need to explain his actions. As we get to know Heath we understand and realize why he just does random no repeat hook ups. He’s lost something so precious to him he vows to never give his heart to another human being. That being said a man has his needs right? Not that I would know, but I’m guessing the hand can tend to get a little old so I’m giving ole Heath a break.

These two have an instant strong, very believable attraction to one another. Heaths’ number one job is protecting Jolie and her company. They both have a challenging time dealing with the feelings they have for one another so fast. That doesn’t stop him from wanting her so badly he could give two shits if his cock was inside another woman nearly a few hours earlier that day.

“I don’t think anyone has ever properly worshipped your body. I intend to change that.”

Jolie is very strong and stubborn and it takes Heath a lot patience and work to break down her walls and get her to submit to him as well as trust him. They both know danger is lurking and threats have been made to her as well as her sister. Heath’s not taking any chances while trying to protect this stubborn woman as well as her company.

Lots of intense suspenseful moments as well as scorching hot sexy times, not to mention the believable insta love and a well hard earned breath holding HEA!


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