Forbidden Bite by Cynthia Eden

“the intensity, the brutality, the suspense and the heat we love in paranormal ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: Paranormal Romance  | Series: Bite #1  | Source: NetGalley  | GoodReads

My love for paranormal romance knows no bounds! I especially love a cool twist on the mythology or historical methodology of paranormal. Learning the hows, whys and twists that make our supernatural beings who they are is always my favorite part…or maybe it’s the sex? I mean, I don’t think I can just pick one high point! Cynthia Eden’s Bite series is living on my “you’re so clever I want more” list! Let’s take a deeper dive into the first book of the series, Forbidden Bite.

Griffin is a private investigator hired by a dude named Felix to track a woman Felix is convinced is killing people. What we learn, rather quickly is, Griffin is a werewolf, hence his top notch tracking skills. Isabella is the woman he’s tasked with keeping an eye on. Unbeknownst to Griffin, she’s a vampire. Now, here is where the mythology of this series takes a fun spin. Way back in the day, werewolves were the protectors of vampires, they watched over them when they slept. Vamp blood is like a drug for weres, especially if they two are not fated mates. So, after some time dealing with the vamp blood lust crazy, it was decided that werewolves and vampires were no longer allowed to be together, and to make it even worse, werewolves were tasked with destroying any and all vampires they encountered. Needless to say, the two species give each other a wide berth.

Color them surprised when Griffin and Isabella realize they are fated to be each other’s mate. Griffin immediately knows what he’s stumbled upon with Isabella and boy is he pissed – horny and driven to protect her but fucking pissed! Lord have mercy the sex is so hot between these two – Eden knocks it out of the park with the intensity and emotions behind these two.

Forbidden Bite is a fast, short read so I’m not going to tell you too much more. It’s also on KU so if you subscribe to that, definitely get on this one. Griffin and Isabella are very likable characters as the secondary folks you encounter. Except for Felix, he is not likable at all and that is exactly how it is supposed to be! Eden sets up the hierarchy of the story beautifully and gives you a look at where the next story, Mating Bite is going. I’m excited to add this to my must-read list. If you are a paranormal fan, this is a quickie you can absolutely get behind – it has the intensity, the brutality, the suspense and the heat we love in paranormal romance! A great start to a promising series by Cynthia Eden.


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