Fire Me Up by Kimberly Kincaid

“Adrian...totally has his flow when it comes to pleasing his woman. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: contemporary romance w/food  | Series: Pine Mountain #4  | Publisher: Zebra  | Source: self purchase  | GoodReads

In my quest to read more new-to-me authors this year, I discovered I’ve been missing out on the goodness that is Kimberly Kincaid. Well, shame on me my friends, good thing I got my head out of my ass and made time for this nugget of goodness! Why do I love this series, let me count the ways…

  1. Adrian Holt is a chef. A tall drink of broody, sexy, damn fine water chef. Nikki likes a man that can build her a house and I like a man that can cook me some food – we all have our types. There is something exceptionally sexy about a man, competently moving his way around a kitchen, embracing the senses, feeling the flow and just satisfying my every god damn basic need. Lordy. It does things to the girlie parts just thinking about a man like that.
  2. Teagan O’Malley takes no shit from anyone and isn’t afraid to roll up her damn sleeves and handle whatever business needs handling. She is loyal to her father and has some definite issues with her mother. Those abandonment issues have caused her to resist her natural ability to feed not just herself, but the masses. Good thing that broody, sexy mother fucker got knocked off his bike and gets to boss her around the kitchen to help save the day.
  3. Recipes in books. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than reading well written stories that have food and kitchen time. The kitchen is the heart of my home…sorry potential visitors but sex has happened in the kitchen, it is one of the sexiest places in the whole house, if you ask me. Now, when a book tells a great story, has compelling characters and some pretty awesome and authentic recipes…stick a fork in me!
  4. Cinnamon sugar gnocchi. There really doesn’t need to be anything else added to that statement, it’s a complete sentence in my book.

Yep, those are some pretty compelling reasons. The gist is…our on-parole chef and motorcycle rider Adrian ends up out of commission with a bum arm after a fucking minivan (you know I hate a minivan…bet the kids inside were wearing crocs) sideswipes him. Being in the kitchen is the balm Adrian needs to keep his demons at bay so not being able to cook really puts a kink in his plans and sanity. Teagan is the paramedic on the scene that A) notices the sexy right off the bat and B) has a dad that’s gotten himself in deep with some loansharks. She needs gimpy Adrian to help her sort out her dad’s business and help her turn a profit. The sparks fly but both of these stubborn fuckers have some baggage they are damned and determined to hang on to. The chemistry is smoking and when we get to the fucking, well…Adrian might have a bum arm but he totally has his flow when it comes to pleasing his woman. Very nice…nothing says good times like a fully belly and a happy vag…just saying, that’s satisfying.

Cooking is so sexy and a man feeling his rhythm in the kitchen, especially a sexy beast like Adrian, well – I’m sold. Yes, I realize I jumped way into this Pine Mountain series with book #4. The good news is, you can totally do the same – I mean, I’m gonna go back and read the others because a little birdie told me food is very big deal for Kimberly Kincaid and her books. I like that about her so count me in! I was so pleased with this book, I jumped right in with the follow up novella, Just One Taste…look for that review tomorrow. (PS – don’t think the irony was lost on me that the hero has a bum arm that’s fucking up his mojo…I read this book a while ago and my freaking arm has kept me from typing up this review so I feel you Adrian, I feel you!)


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