Decidedly With Baby by Stina Lindenblatt

“ Get ready to have a plastered smile on your face the whole time while reading this sweet book! ”

by TJ
The Deets Genre: contemporary romance  | Series: The Bay #2  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads


You know when you see a book cover that is so gorgeous and enticing it’s just begging you to click on it and check it out so you let those twitchy fingers just go ahead and 1-click on said pretty book?  But while reading the book you realize the only thing that the book has going for it is its awesome cover.  We’ve all done this before right? Any book cover addicts in this group? Who doesn’t like a pretty book?  Well, I can assure you Decidedly With Baby is well worth your itchy clicky fingers.  The cover was just precious, go ahead and take another look.  It was beyond a perfect palate cleanser read. So let’s chat about why I adored this book so much.

Holly Whittaker and Josh Hoffer are both married to their careers.  Holly being in the finance world and Josh being a professional hockey player.  Neither of these two has the desire to settle down and get married, and god forbid have kids! Nope ain’t happening.  Holly’s reason being she didn’t have the best childhood, very uninvolved parents, nannies and her grandmother did everything for her and her brothers.  Josh’s childhood wasn’t stellar either.  Both are content and happy with being single.

Josh and Holly run in the same circle of friends and they spend a bit of time together when Josh is in town. They clearly respect and really like one another as friends but secretly both are crazy attracted to one another.  Holly knows and teases Josh for being a player and Josh gives it right back to Holly for being such a planner and workaholic. Fast forward to one drunken night after Holly gets some sad news about a family member back home.  She wants to let loose and who better to hang with than her best buddy Josh? He’s had a tough game and is all up for it.  Things get a little heated and these two can’t keep their hands off one another. The chemistry and sexy times were off the charts.

So from that (make my ovaries melt) cover, and the title, of course, you know Holly ends up pregnant.  The situation isn’t ideal for these two, remember neither wanted this. So it wasn’t “ok I’m quitting my job and I will travel with you and be a hockey wife.”  No they both had to work hard for the relationship to work.  Did Josh say some stupid shit and fuck up a couple of times? Yep…But he was also sweet with his endearments to both Holly and that sweet baby.

I enjoyed the first book in this series, Decidedly Off Limits, but Decidedly With Baby- I immensely adored. (Note: these can be read as standalones) The author has a way of engaging the reader like they are right there with these characters. This one is a very refreshing read that I will be revisiting!



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