Broken Angel by Cynthia Eden

“Do yourself a favour' and go read this series! ”

by Teena
The Deets Genre: paranormal romance  | Series: Bad Things #4  | Publisher: Hocus Pocus  | Source: self purchase  | GoodReads

Teena: Just so you know, this is not my first Cynthia Eden rodeo! I mean the lady has written for a range of publishing houses! Entangled, Montlake, Harlequin…just to name a few. Her Entangled work is amongst some of my favourites. Wander on over to her website. Her back catalogue will blow you away!

So Lee…how do you feel after you have finished Book 4? Was it as good as the first? better?

Lee: Well I did text you as soon as I was done and said that I was about to burst! This book lived up to all my expectations of this series and more, and I did comment to you that this is why I read fiction. This was perfection for me. You know, grading each of the books in this series is like asking which is my favourite child, it is so hard! This is really where I come unstuck when comparing 2 five star reads, what makes one stand out over the other and how far do we get down to the finest of details to distinguish that. All I can say is that this whole series is on my all time favourites list.

Teena: well there you go people…Lee has spoken!

I also thoroughly enjoyed this book the depth and texture is tangible. The confusion you feel as Lila is changing, to what you are unsure. The intensity of Rayce as he uses every power he has to protect Lila.

Rayce is a big bad-arsed werewolf who in his younger years destroyed his pack.Killed his brother, well you get the picture he was/is not a nice guy. That said you see and sense his loyalty to Julian and Luke throughout the first 3 books. Broken Angel shows Rayce not only as the strong and powerful werewolf we know but also a patient and devoted mate, he will sacrifice himself willingly for Lila.

What’s your thoughts Lee. Did Rayce grow in your estimation as well?

Lee: Yes he did. I agree with all that you’ve said. With each book Rayce has been in the background, slowly building up to this crescendo. His loyalty to Luke and Julian has always shone through, the hints that his story is painful were always there, but as the gravity of his backstory became apparent, you really understood the immense step it takes him every time he trusts. And, well, to give his heart and soul to another, to be willing to sacrifice everything for that love, just demonstrated how much Lila meant to him. Coupled with the traits you described, I think he embodied the perfect mate for me.

Teena: As always the heroine is the linchpin for me.

Lila’s strength was something that held my attention as she battled within herself to understand what being a “fallen angel” meant to her! To watch and read Cynthia Eden allow Lila’s character to battle with herself as much as her enemies was a true testament to her skill as a writer. Never once did Lila’s turmoil over shadow the plot. In fact it was Lila’s inner turmoil that allowed us, as the reader, to learn about Lila’s new persona as she did. This is just another example of the seamless world building that Lee and I have talked about previously. No data dump, no feeling of being overwhelmed, it is just seamless, smooth and totally believable!

Lee: Lila was such a complex, well rounded character. A beautiful blend of gentle and compassionate nature, yet fierce and strong when needed. Like Rayce, she was loyal to those who earned her trust and love, and their connection was one of the best I have ever read. As we see her work through her transition, the writing took me deep inside her psyche, seamlessly interwoven with the overall plot, and, as you said,  guiding and teaching us expertly about what she was to become.

I think I have spoken of this before but it is one of my most loved aspects of this series, is that you don’t realise you are being instructed in this paranormal world’s rules and conditions, they are just left imprinted in your memory without overwhelming you.

Teena: I cannot leave this review without mentioning Luke Thorne, planner extraordinaire and Lord of the Dark. I question his position as the Dark Lord and I ask you, Can a true Dark Lord do good deeds? Well I say he most certainly can!

Lee: Luke Thorne! I don’t think I ever thought I would say that I would be happy to sidle on up to the Devil and make myself at home in his world. He just keeps getting better and better, intelligent and a masterful planner,and yes, the question of who is good and who is bad has me waiting with baited breath for the next book, Heart of Stone. As Teena and I have said in previous reviews, and to coin a phrase from an Aussie icon, ‘Do yourself a favour’ and go read this series!



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