Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller

“Mueller is definitely an author to watch ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: Urban Fantasy  | Series: Soul Charmer #1  | Publisher: Talos  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads

When I first started blogging, I read a fair amount of Urban Fantasy (UF) and loved it. I’m not Sunny versed on the genre but, I do alright. Oddly enough, it was for the strength and determination I found in UF heroines that made me love the genre. Yep, you read that right, back in the early days, I was definitely a heroine cheerleader, it was easy because typically, UF and PNR heroines are fucking awesome. And by awesome I mean, they rarely made me want to shake the stupid out of them. Slowly, as the blog grew, I found myself moving away from UF but, because of debut author Chelsea Mueller, that has all changed! Huzzah for my rekindled love of all things UF!

So, if you’re worried about reading UF, and I know some of you are, don’t be. There’s still romance in this tale. Borrowed Souls is chock full of intrigue, danger, and a fair amount of sexy! The part that’s different from what contemporary romance readers might be used to the the world building. Our heroine lives in Gem City and it is very much like any sort of city you’d encounter in Anywhere, USA. An offshoot of the Catholic Church rules the roost, which, isn’t terribly far from reality, amIright? The UF portion of the show is, in order to ascend to heaven, you have to have a clean/pure soul. In Gem City, you are able to overlay a rented soul in your body, which will keep you free and clear of marring yourself for eternity when you want to do bad things. I must say, that does not sound like a bad thing, imagine the trouble you could get up to. Still with me contemporary readers? I hope so because you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a try.

Callie Delgado is our heroine and she is pretty awesome! Again, yes, you read that right, I am praising a heroine. Callie is a pure soul who always puts her family first, even to her own detriment. Her no good, meth-head older brother is in trouble yet again and Callie is tasked with saving his ass. To do this, she has to seek out the resident Soul Charmer, a smarmy, slimy, magically inclined fella, to borrow a soul. Said smarmy dude immediately sees the magic in Callie and makes her a deal. He will give her a soul to use for her nefarious deeds if she will agree to work for him for two weeks. All she has to do is go around with a magical flask and collect the delinquent souls people are late on returning. See, having an extra soul in your body is sort of like a drug. It’s very freeing and gives you a powerful high. Needless to say, Callie will need some back up, some muscle, if you will. Tall, sexy, broody, motorcycle riding Derek is the brawn to Callie’s magic. See…romance abounds!

It wouldn’t be a story worth reading if we didn’t get some danger and drama. Mueller gives us both of those things in spades, all while deftly setting up the larger arc of this series. The powers that be don’t want Gem City’s inhabitants to be able to borrow souls, and there are other magical soul hoarders looking to up their power by preying on soul borrowing junkies. Poor Callie has trouble coming at her from every angle. She and Derek make a fantastic team and have potential to be the new dynamic duo on the UF circuit! I am so excited to watch this series play out.

Mueller is definitely an author to watch. I’m shocked and awed by the skill she possess when it comes to world building and pacing. I amazed that this is indeed her first book writing rodeo! Clearly Mueller is a fan of the genre as she knows exactly what works when it comes to crafting a suspenseful UF story. If you are still on the fence with the idea of Urban Fantasy, please give it a try. Borrowed Souls is an outstanding entry into this exciting genre, you don’t want to miss out.


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