Always You by Belle Brooks

“Devastating, Beautiful, Unputdownable ”

by TJ
The Deets Genre: contemporary romance  | Series: standalone  | Publisher: self publish  | Source: ARC  | GoodReads


This book literally knocked the wind right out me as I was reading it. The Nerds, I’m sure were sick of me babbling on and on about this book. Page after page had me in tears and I just couldn’t stop the damn waterworks. That’s saying a lot because I usually can keep my tears at bay while reading such an emotional book. Not sure that I’ve ever read a book that moved me the way Always You did. It’s heartbreaking, utterly devastating, incredibly beautiful, sad as well as funny.

Maybelline and Willard meet when she was only four years old and he was just six. They lived right next door to each other growing up. They become fast best friends. These two share everything with one another, they don’t know it yet but they are clearly soul mates. Eventually they fall madly, stupidly and deeply in love and get married.

“I was very lucky to have grown up with the one I would love for the rest of my life”

May gets some very heartbreaking devastating news that is life altering. She makes a choice to tackle the inevitable head on. It’s not necessarily what her loved ones would choose for her but this is her choice and hers only. This family is so supportive and incredibly strong. They have one another’s back through thick and thin. The unconditional love this entire family showed towards one another blew me away.

When I asked this author during our Q & A earlier this week what makes a great hero, her response was “Someone who loves so deeply they are prepared to overstep their own boundaries for the one they love”holy hell…that describes our perfect hero, Will to a T! His devotion to his wife, completely unwavering. Will got her, knew her, accepted her 100%, and simply loved and adored her without any judgment.


As difficult as this book was for me to read, it was probably one of the best I’ve read. Always You deals with  challenging subjects to tackle, but this author handled it with perfection. She adds enough of her witty humor to make the sads bearable. So, as I’m crying while reading, I was also giggling throughout Always You. I feel this is one of those books that when you finally finish the last page you feel as if you are a better person having read this amazing story.



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