Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland

“Fast and fun summer read I'm sure Vi Keelands fans will gobble up! ”

by TJ
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Carmela and I really look forward to anything Vi Keeland writes, we love her books. Beautiful Mistake was a great read but missed a few marks for us.  However, it’s safe to say, most Keeland lovers will adore it.

TJ- Beautiful Mistake starts out great. Rachel telling Caine off thinking he’s the man who screwed her best friend over.  She realizes her mistake and hopes to never see the sexy stranger again.  No such luck on her part, she just so happens to be his new TA at the university she is attended while getting her graduate degree.  These two are incredibly attracted to one another right away but it’s a no-no to for a professor to have a relationship with a student as well as a TA.  

Carmela- You are absolutely right about the strong start of this book. Who doesn’t love a slightly taboo-ish romance between a college professor and his TA? I say slightly taboo-ish because there’s really nothing forbidden, and certainly, nobody can stop them from boning, right?  Anyway, I was all excited starting it.  I think it was a nice touch that Caine was an aspiring rock star before everything went to pieces for him in his band and he opted to be a college professor of music instead.  I liked the aspect of his teaching and how he’d helped Rachel with her research in her thesis.  However, despite all of these positives, I did not feel any emotional connection with either of them. The probable reason/s I will get into below.

TJ- Caine West is one helluva sexy professor, that we know is certain.  There are so many layers to him.  He knows Rachel has a familiarity and can’t quite put his finger on it.  Where he’s closed off and secretive and noncommittal, for reasons I never really figured out, Rachel wears her heart on her sleeve.  She’s good and pure and just wants to be someone’s person.  She thinks she finds that in Caine only for him to constantly push her away.

Carmela- You’ve nailed the reason as to why I did not connect with Caine. Okay, he is closed off and noncommittal. I guess I was expecting, going along the story, a heartbreaking bombshell that will turn my heart out and at the very least, understand, why he is the way he is. I did not get that.  All we got are bits and pieces from his past: a well-off but unaccepting (of his musical passion) family, that tragedy with his bandmate and his guilt over a past encounter with Rachel. I think he has burdened himself with too much, unnecessary guilt over such events that it became too much for me to take. As in, the conflict appeared too contrived for me in the finish.

TJ- Like I mentioned earlier Beautiful Mistake starts out great. The storyline was good it just fell kinda flat for me. This is probably a case of it’s me not the book.  I wanted to feel more chemistry between the two, more emotion from both of them.  I wanted to really get into Caine’s head and find out why at 32 years old he hadn’t really been in love.  Overall a fast fun summer read that I’m sure her fans will gobble it up.

Carmela- I agree. Sadly, my inability to connect with Caine’s angst translate to my inability to buy into the whole romance and conflict of the story. However, readers who love that kind of angst will probably enjoy this one.


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