Blind Attraction by Stefanie Tan

“I didn’t want to shake anyone, especially Marley, even once! ”

by Scandal
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So, I make no attempt at hiding my disdain for NA books, none. It’s a known entity with me and everyone associated with the blog knows you’re never going to find me willingly reading a NA book. No apologies, no regrets.  I mean, we did a whole 11s List of books focusing on NA books the Nerds thought even I could appreciate. After my experience with the crazed exchange student with a seriously unstable One Direction fetish, I steer clear of all things boy bands as well. I also struggle with audiobooks, my brain wants me to use my hands and multitasking often takes over whenever I try to listen. Blind Attraction has all of these trouble spots. So, what the hell happened here? Have I fallen and hit my head?!!? Abducted by aliens? Am I a pod person now? Nope, I was taken in by a clever marketing tactic from Hachette Audio and I’m not mad about it. To be honest, I didn’t read the blurb before I took the plunge but that’s not uncommon for me. A week or so ago I received a very lovely package from Hachette Audio. It seems they’ve teamed up with Wattpad (yes, I realize that’s the unofficial home of teen fanfiction) to bring some fun books to life. After seeing Audible’s strong presence at RT17 in Atlanta, I decided to try again with the audio format. I threw caution to the wind, selected a book with a cover that seemed interesting, plugged in my headphones and took off on my daily walk. It was the easiest five miles I’ve ever done. No lie. I was hooked from the get go!

Marley is our heroine, she’s 20. I know, you just rolled your eyes at me didn’t you? Stop it. She’s involved in a terrible car accident and left blind. Doctors are hoping this is a temporary situation for her, but, to expedite her healing process, she needs to remain in the hospital for 4 weeks, with her eyes covered. She ends up down the hall from the children’s ward with a male roommate named Blair. Needless to say, a loss of sight is especially difficult for Marley, an artist to her core. Blind Attraction gives us her raw emotions, her anger, her fear and her determination. Blair becomes her confidante and her friend rather quickly. She’s a pretty amazing character so the poor fella was basically hopeless if he wanted to avoid falling for her innocent charms.

Unbeknownst to Marley, Blair is one part of the boy band sensation, Central Perks. He suffered an injury to his leg and needs to heal up before their big winter tour kicks off. He’s in the hospital to heal and to avoid the paparazzi. He has been in the spotlight for so long, and is rather jaded by it so Marley’s brutal honesty and friendship, without the knowledge of his true identity, is more than special to him, it becomes his everything. Of course, this innocence has an expiration date…he has four weeks to come clean to her about his true identity and if he doesn’t, can she forgive the betrayal? You’ll have to listen to find out how all of this plays out. I will tell you, I didn’t want to shake anyone, especially Marley, even once! The interactions were sincere, the relationship moves from friend to protector to champion to lover effortlessly. (PS – there’s no sex on the page (or in the ears? forgive me, I’m new to this audio review writing thing)…I know, Blind Attraction is not my typical book, right? A thing that is typical of books I love is the character development as well as the many layers we get to peel back. From Marley’s interactions with her family, friends and the driver of the car that put her in this spot, you’ll be enamored by her as well.

Since I ingested this book in audio format, I should tell you about the narration. I’m assuming this is One Direction fanfic because of the obvious boy band implications and also, the narrator is British. (although the band name, Central Perks, threw me off, is there Friends fanfic out there? Don’t answer that, I’m sure there is.) I’m of the camp that thinks the phone book could be read by someone with a British accent and I’d find it wildly entertaining…what can I say? The heart/ears like what the heart/ears like. Our hero Blair, is actually Australian. The narrator Jeanine Tiraldo, does a fine job switching between the male and female leads and occasionally she drops in an Aussie sounding pronunciation that reminds me of my favorite Aussie, Teena! The shifts are subtle and never distract from the book. Her tone, inflection, and pacing are spot on and made for a very enjoyable listening experience.

One last point of note. I shared this story with my almost 16-year-old daughter and two of her friends. I told them the tale and the source…which, I can not lie, all three of them rolled their eyes because they are not about that fanfic life, at all, apparently. Clearly, that apple didn’t fall far from my tree! (side note to explain: I guess stumbling upon fanfic about their favorite YouTubers getting it on burned all three of them from the concept as a whole. Sorry Wattpad. Just google Liza Koshy and her guy, David. I have to admit, Liza is a riot on YouTube but nobody needs to read about those two boning…alas, I digress). Anyway, I gave them the gist of the story of Blind Attraction and while I was talking, all three of them downloaded the book and started listening. They were just as shocked as I was and they plan on listening to the other books about the remaining band members. That’s a good thing. Another good thing is, my experience with this book lead me down the audiobook path. I’m already well into my next listen and so far, so good!


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