The Hang Man by Mary Burton

“[The Hang Man} reads as very realistic without being overwhelming. ”

by Scandal
The Deets Genre: Suspense  | Series: The Forgotten Files #3  | Publisher: Montlake  | Source: self purchase  | GoodReads

You guys know I’ve been listening along to this series since I started my audiobook journey. The Forgotten Files is a hit my friends, and I strongly recommend you get on that train. You can find my reviews for The Shark and The Doll Maker here. These are each standalone stories but, you really should read them in order. Characters are introduced along the way, and you learn a little about their personalities throughout the books. I enjoyed each book, for its own reasons, The Shark is a bit of a second chance romance, The Doll Maker is by far the creepiest which means it’s my favorite and now THE HANG MAN is a shot of redemption that makes your heart smile, even if you’re freaked out along the way! The thing I love best about this series is the suspense is heavier than the romance. Trust me, the balance works! The chemistry is there, you’ll get what your romance-loving heart needs but the suspense is the real star of the story.

Julia Vargas is a cop on a mission. Her father was an undercover cop many years ago and died in an apparent suicide. This never sat well with Julia, even though she was too young back then to fully understand the intricacies of his job or his relationship with her mother. Julia decides to dig into her dad’s case while she’s on a forced medical leave because her latest undercover gig went sideways in the worst possible way. This digging seems to have poked the beast because things very similar to her father’s experiences start happening. Is a long dormant, often thought dead, serial killer back at it to tie up loose ends?

Tobias Novak is a well-respected detective who just happens to be Julia’s friend with benefits. Novak likes his friend Julia as much as he enjoys their benefits and much to her chagrin wants to take their no-strings fling to the next level. These two keep their romantic relationship on the down low to avoid conflict but Novak will do anything and everything to keep Julia safe, even when it feels like she’s doing everything she can to throw herself in harm’s way! Tobias Novak is a pretty great hero/romantic lead. He is in tune enough to see what Julia needs and isn’t afraid to let her take the lead, in the investigation as well as in bed…until, of course, he needs to take the lead, if you know what I mean <<insert winky face here>>.

As Burton has done with the other books in this series, the procedural crime-solving element is very well written. She gives the necessary details and explanations without bogging you down with too much mumbo-jumbo. It reads as very realistic without being overwhelming. From a narration point of view, Christina Traister does a great job once again. Her tone and inflection, as well as slight dialect shifts, are a pleasure to listen to. She manages a pacing that keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting the chapters to never end. If you haven’t started this series I strongly suggest you get on it. If you’d rather read instead of listen, all three books are currently available on KU. Check them out, if you like a rollercoaster of a crime mystery ride, you will not be disappointed.


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