Podcast: Episode 175 – What Attracts You To A Book Cover?

October 17, 2017 7:18 am Published by 5 Comments

Episode 175…

Welcome to episode 175 of Scandal and the Nerds, this week we are discussing romance covers! What grabs your attention? What makes you pass on by? How do you feel about non-traditional covers? From a marketing standpoint, where do you think we are in the world of romance covers? As always sit back and take a listen and see how the conversation transforms.

Books We Talked About

New Releases for the upcoming week ending October 20, 2017

Our new release shelf for the week ending October 20, 2017 has some really great books for you to pick from, with close to 34 making our list. Our Monday post has every single anticipated release we’ve picked. Click over on the sidebar where you’ll find portals to both our Amazon US and CA stores for your one-clicking pleasure.

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  • Heather Hobbs says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I just listened to the podcast and one of you talked about reading “The Choices We Make.” I can’t find in the list of books you mentioned at the top. Can you tell me the author? It’s sounded like something I’d like to read. Thanks!


  • Maggie&Teddy says:

    I’m dying to know. What was the book that she liked? OYE it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!!
    The woman that spoke after Scandal. Took place in North Carolina. Thanks. I heard that it’s KU, but I need the book title. Please. thanks!
    Great podcast.

  • Maggie&Teddy says:

    I listened again. The choices I’ve Made, by …………………?

    • Heather Hobbs says:

      I found it on Amazon when I looked up The Choices I’VE made. It’s by J. L. Berg. I recognized it by the cover-she mentioned the guy in the water. Thanks for title!

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