Podcast: Episode 168 – Uncool Things In Romance

July 31, 2017 7:30 am Published by 6 Comments

Episode 168…

Welcome to Episode 168 of Scandal and The Nerds, this week we may get a little ragey as we dive into things we don’t like to read in our romance and really let’s face it, if it’s uncool, how can it be romance? Anyways brace yourself and head in!

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  • Laura Gonzales says:

    Hi Ladies! You hit on the key to monster heroes there at the end of that discussion, in my opinion. For me, characters who are anti-heroes or anti-heroines must be redeemable. The reason that I didn’t finish the Consequences series was because there was nothing that Roming could do to redeem Tony Rawlins in my eyes. I don’t care how happy Claire was at the end, that was not a romance. In those situations, being redeemable is actually a little more important to me than the HEA or HFN. While I don’t read the stuff on the far end of the spectrum, I do read dark romance and dark erotica. I don’t want to finish a book and feel like I need a bath.

    • Scandal says:

      Laura, I finished the series and read several of the novellas behind his eyes wanting Roming to somehow redeem him, I gave her every opportunity and in my opinion, she only made him worse – i read the first one and skimmed the second behind his eyes and then I gave myself a Clorox bath to wash the horrible away! I agree with you – I don’t think you can have a true HEA unless you are able to redeem your anti-hero/heroine. And for the record, I LOVE a good anti-hero, LOVE THEM!

    • Lola says:

      Exactly! There is a place for those kind of books but I don’t think it’s romance and like you I read dark romance as well but like you so eloquently said, I don’t feel like I need a shower after I’ve read them.

  • Snowpeach says:

    I’m on the same page as Lola about this blog and the podcast… it’s definitely a lifeline for me. So much gratitude to all of you for giving up your Fridays and sharing your friendship over books. And not to forget the other ladies writing reviews on the blog too. Appreciate all of you. Keep on keeping on.

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