OverDrive Recommendation: April 14, 2017

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Today we get an OverDrive rec from our favorite librarian, Frannie – check it out!


Bollywood and the Beast (Bollywood Confidential #3) by Suleikha Snyder

Spring time is in full swing and many of us are noshing on Egg Kichel and/or Jelly Beans. A few weeks ago, I recommended Eloisa James’ When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Beauty and the Beast Romances. So, I’m back with another that’s full of seriously spot-on, laugh-out-loud, pop culture “Easter Eggs”.

Suleikha Snyder’s Bollywood and the Beast has every satisfying thing genre readers are looking for. There’s a strong women, a scarred hero, and brutally hot romance, wrapped up within a Bollywood soap opera from heaven.

Like her “Belle” predecessors, our heroine, Rakhee (aka Rocky) knows who she is even if no one will allow her to “fit in”. She’s staying with her co-star, Ashraf’s family during production of their hit, 2 luv in Delhi. But it’s former action hero Taj, Ashraf’s older brother, who draws her in.

Rakhee’s outspokenness molds her perfectly to the reclusive, abrasive Taj. While her wounds are metaphorical, Taj’s wounds are literal. It’s just angsty enough, especially if that’s your catnip.

Readers will also find themselves rooting for Ashraf (aka Ashu), who pretty much steals the show.

Emotional and physical scars are hallmarks of all of these characters. But where Snyder sets her tropes apart is that all her characters assume personal accountability. It’s a fabulous, lavish journey to be swept away in. And Snyder’s gift for witty dialog makes this dreamy trip to Bollywood end way, way too soon.


Scandal Note:

If you want to learn more about Suleikha Snyder, follow this link to check out her website. Not even gonna lie, it’s one of the funniest landing pages I’ve ever seen an author put up. Also, I strongly recommend you follow her on twitter: Suleikha Snyder – I’ve followed her for years and she never disappoints, especially when it comes to random soap opera updates! When Frannie told me she was recommending this author, I shared my little secret – Snyder is painfully honest on twitter, so many times I want to reach out and hug her but much like our Nerd Nikki, I’m pretty sure she would hit me if I tried! Also, coming in 2018 from Snyder, a lesbian romance with Riptide Publishing.



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