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June 4, 2017 4:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Nikki and I are teaming up to share our thoughts on this week’s release of Wonder Woman, the fourth instalment in DC Comics reboot of the Batman series and lead-in to the Justice League movie, releasing in theatres in late 2017. Now Nikki and I will pledge our undying love for the Marvel franchise but something must be said for the first standalone comic book movie featuring a woman. Loads of anticipation was weighing on the release of this movie, especially with the success or lack thereof in comparison to its predecessors.


I’ve been a longtime fan of the Wonder Woman franchise. Whether it be the monthly comic books I purchased as a kid or the television series featuring Linda Carter in the 70s, there was something so inspirational about her character. Always popping out at the most unassuming time to save the day are enough to make any little child want to be just like her.

Besides all the kickassness associated with Wonder Woman the real appeal is the direction of her origin story. Gal Gadot does a wonderful job in portraying a woman hidden from the rest of the world but embraces the nuances of her new environment with eager curiosity and a strong fighting spirit. Although her approach is very serious at times it’s balanced off with the comedic timing of Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) and Etta (played by Lucy Davis).

The visuals are equally stunning with the clever play on light and dark, which helps to reflect the mood and directional tone of the movie. Wonder Woman’s fight scenes are unique and believable as she has only been trained for most of her life for the battle scenes we are privileged in seeing.

But if I must be critical, it was smooth sailing for me till we reach the climax of the movie. Comic book dialogue isn’t always the best and you do have to suspend reality to embrace the message but it got quite cliché and predictable, the villains were very charcuterie-esque in nature but despite this hiccup there is still plenty to enjoy.

I cannot stress enough that a lot is weighing on the success of this movie, especially being filmed by a female director, Patty Jenkins. The only other female directed movie that hit box office success was Fifty Shades of Grey and Wonder Woman is estimated to break the first weekend records, which speaks volumes for women in the industry.

It may not be time to have a woman in the white house but women are sure making their mark anyway they can and that is what’s important.


I’ve been really impressed as of late with the rise of girl power in Hollywood. Well, in the movies they’re turning out, at any rate. We’ve got women making shit happen in the new Star Wars movies. There’s a little girl popping up in the Transformers previews who wants to stay, and wants to fight. Charlize Theron played a more convincing Mad Max than Mel Gibson ever dreamed of.

And then we have Wonder Woman.

I could go on an on about how badass Gal Gadot was in the title role, cause folks, she’s totally badass. Strong and fierce and utterly in control of the band of male misfits she’s leading into battle. But I wasn’t most impressed with her badassery.

Just the opposite, actually.

I’m a woman. I am not a man. I’m not built like a man, and I cannot fight like a man. I’m inherently different, but inherently equal. I love the fact that this movie celebrated woman in all her glory, and that included embracing our inherent lack of sameness. Diana’s skills in combat certainly changed the tide of battle, but her inherent femininity, her heart, her love for man and her ability to look over his flaws and embrace, accept and love him – that’s what changed the tide of the war, and consequently, the world.

Yes, she is woman and we heard her roar. But we also heard her weep. And that, folks, was the game changer.



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