Holiday Talent Shows with Naima Simone

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Merry Christmas!! Don’t you just love this time of year? When the world is prettier with all the festive lights and decorations. When people are a little bit kinder because it’s the season of joy, love and generosity. When family and friends gather together around a table groaning under the weight of food to give thanks and celebrate…

When it’s time to break out the egg nog and Bailey’s, crank up the Jackson 5 Christmas album, threaten your husband that he better come through with a better gift than last year or the cookie will be cut off, and prepare to throw some ‘bows at the local shopping mall.


Yeah. Christmas is great.

Around the Simone household, we go big. While my hubby mutely stands by in wild-eyed panic, I decorate, watch a plethora of Christmas movies, play music, shop—actually, it’s that last one that mostly causes that green-around-the-gills look… We—my twin sister, myself and our husbands—are all transplants from other states, so we are each other’s family here. Over the years, we’ve grown with the addition of kids and a couple of grandparents, and we remain incredibly close. So every Christmas, we always meet at someone’s home for a huge potluck style dinner. It’s delicious, chaotic, loud and so much fun. But we also have another tradition that we started about eight years ago that continues to today.

A Christmas talent show.

The idea was born during a year when finances were tight for everyone. Growing up, my parents went all out for the holiday. My sister and I would wake up on Christmas morning, and entering the living room was like stepping into Santa’s workshop! Toys and presents everywhere. It was beautiful and magical. And we tried to continue that same joyous experience for our kids. But this particular year, it was impossible. Yet, we all knew that Christmas meant more than the number of gifts under the tree. And we had a wonderful opportunity to show our children that the best present they could ever give someone was the gift of themselves. Of laughter and joy. Of love and family. So that’s when the idea of a talent show came to fruition.

Now, I’m not gonna lie; I have a family of hams. It didn’t take much to convince everyone to participate, including my parents and mother-in-law, who came to spend the holiday with us. It even became a competition, and let’s face it, in our group, it’s clear who the stars were from the get-go… *cough* I’m not lying! From the moment my husband and I decided to get our dance on to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, game ovah. LOL! Check out our debut below!


From then on, the Christmas talent show has become a family tradition. We’ve all grown older, have even lost a couple (my grandmother who is in the background of the video), but this tradition has continued to bring us laughter and happiness through the years. This time around I’m thinking Christmas Won’t be the Same This Year by the Jackson 5…Hmmm… J

So, just in time for the holidays is my new release from Entangled Publishing’s Scorched line, ONLY FOR YOU. It’s book 3 in the Lick series, and is a blazing hot, second chance, erotic romance novella about two broken people who have to decide if love does conquer all…or if the painful betrayal and loss of their past is too much to forgive. Also, keep an eye out for the fourth book in the Bachelor Auction series, A MILLIONAIRE AT MIDNIGHT, coming out in early 2017!

I want to wish you a wonderful, merry Christmas and an ah-mazing, prosperous New Year!



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